Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SALA at the Gawler Community Gallery

The Gawler Community Gallery is hosting eight exhibitions during SALA including 'Inspired by GAIA'a group exhibition of hand made objects from recycled materials, 'Whatever' by five artists working in a variety of media collectively known as 'Amity', Para West Adult Campus Year 12 Community Studies Art Projects Showcase, The Truro Art Group, John and Richard Coker plus Solo Exhibitions in a variety of media by Carol Clue, Derek Slater and Katherina Urban.

Art by Carol Clue
Participating Artists

Dorothy Beverley,
Phil Bolding,
Carol Clue,
Colleen Gates,
Joan Gibbs,
Jelina Haines,
Adele Jaunn,
Annie Noonan,
Derek Slator,
Katherina Urban,
Dianne Vagg,
Joann Wake,
Sandra Zachopoukos,
Richard Coker,
Jan Coker

Artist Experience: Mixed
Category: Other (Covers self-described, outsider artists, or multiple categories within one venue, eg community exhibitions)
Medium: Multiple Mediums