Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gallery 2013 Committee, AGM, Fringe Benefits Exhibition

Gallery 2013 Committee. From left; Thelma Kirkwood,
Colleen Gates, Ellen Steyn, Judy Furguson, David Arandle,
Joanne Hughes, Sue Olds, Colleen 'Col' Moyne.

2013 Committee

The gallery's 2013 committee was decided at November's AGM. Returning Committee members were extremely pleased and excited to once again have a full committee of eight members after a year of operating as a five person team.

Elected members and the roles are as follows:
  • Judy Ferguson - President
  • Ellen Steyn - Treasurer
  • David Arandle - Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Hanging Team Co-ordinator
  • Colleen Gates - Shop Co-ordinator
  • Sue Olds - Gawler  Health Service Exhibition Curator
  • Thelma Kirkwood - Program Co-ordinator
  • Joanne Hughes - Publicity.
  • Colleen 'Col' Moyne - Roster Co-ordinator
Congratulations to all successful nominees.

AGM Outcomes

One issue that was voted on at the AGM was the constitutional rule that no committee member is permitted to serve for more than 5 consecutive years. The meeting was asked whether this rule should be removed to allow those wishing to serve longer the ability to do so (in light of the ongoing difficulties associated with finding new committee members that the gallery had in 2012 - with former committee members resuming roles unofficially because of the restriction).

Removal of the rule was put to a vote with the majority in favor of having the limitation removed.

Fringe Benefits Exhibition - Entries now open

Entries are now invited from all artists to paint a canvas for our upcoming Fringe Benefits Exhibition being held as part of Adelaide's Fringe Festival during February and March.

The exhibition will be on display from Thursday 28th February 2013 to Sunday April 7th 2013. The official opening will be on Sunday March 3rd 2013 at 2pm.

To Enter simply visit the gallery and purchase a 30 x 40cm canvas for $10.00 (Price includes the cost of entry) and grab an official entry form (you may also download an entry form from our web site). Completed artworks must have the word 'Fringe' somewhere in the title.

You are free to interpret the theme 'Fringe' in any way and medium you choose just so long as the canvas forms part of your entry.

Limit of three entries per person. Entries Close Friday, February 22nd, 2013.

Note that the gallery closes for Christmas from Monday December 17th so be sure to visit the gallery by December 16th if you would like to purchase your canvas this year. The Gallery reopens on January 3rd 2013

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

6th Gawler Art Award Winners Announced

Winner: Best Work Overall, "Winter Sun" by Gerhard Ritter.

The winners of the 6th Gawler Art Award were announced on Sunday 19th of August at the official opening of the exhibition which welcomed about 80 visitors to the gallery that day.

Gallery President, Judy Ferguson, announced the category winners and runners up including the Youth Award 10-14 years (Winner: Talia Green ”First Portraits” ; Highly Regarded: Jesse Crow “A weekday inspiration”), 3D Original Art Award (Winner: Sharyn Sinclair “Getting Fit” ; Highly Regarded: Di Popovic “Carnivale"), Hanging Textile Award (Winner:  Liz Collinge “Ginko-ites” ; Highly Regarded: Trish Moores “Leafy”), Watercolour Award (Winner: Walter Gray “Lewiston Landscape S.A." ; Highly Regarded: Carol Green “Evening Stroll”), Open Theme Award (Winner: Carol Clue “Ah! That feels better” ; Highly Regarded: Norah Jones “Solitude”).

Next came the exhibition awards beginning with the Best Work with a Flora/Nature theme which Judy announced the winner as Lorraine Winchester for her work titled “Hellebores”.

Winner: Briant Mahoney Memorial Art Award
"Proud, Happy, Loyal" by  Odette Larner.
Following that announcement Member for Light, Tony Piccolo MP was invited to talk about The Inaugural Briant Mahoney Memorial Art Award which he proposed to the Gallery when he was once again invited to be a sponsor of the awards.

Mr Piccolo said he named the award in memory of the late Briant Mahoney – the man with the dog - as he had become such an integral part of the town’s character. The award is an acquisitive prize, with the winner collecting $500 for a work of art that symbolises the essence and spirit of Gawler.

Mr Piccolo went on to say that towns like Gawler have a great spirit that often wasn’t always present in less defined communities. “The purpose of this prize is to encourage artists to create a work of art that symbolises the essence or spirit of Gawler.”

Artist Odette Larner (second from left) with Don Mahoney, Shirley Sevi,
Evelyn Hall and award sponsor Tony Piccolo MP at the award
ceremony. Photo courtesy of Tony Piccolo.

The award was announced and presented by Briant’s eldest sister Evelyn Hall, assisted by brother Don and Sister Shirley Sevi with the winner being Odette Larner for her work titled “Proud Happy Loyal”

The final award for the Best Work Overall was announced and presented by the Mayor of Gawler, Brian Sambell, who was also on the Judging panel. Mr Sambell noted of the experience that although he wasn't an artist himself he was surprised that his choices were generally on par with his fellow judges (and artists), Glenda Parker and Peter McLay.

The winner of the Best Work Overall, with a prize of $2000 sponsored by the Town of Gawler was Gerhard Ritter for his work titled "Winter Sun" (pictured at the top of this post).

The Gawler Community Gallery Committee would like to thank the judges, the Mahoney family and the following sponsors for their support of the 6th Gawler Art Awards: The Town of Gawler, Member for Light – Tony Piccolo MP, Vadoulis Garden Centre, Gawler Books, Adelaide Road Clinc, Totally Framed and Textile Artist – Jelina Haines.

For more images from the official opening including photos of the winning works visit the galleries Facebook Page.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 6th Gawler Art Award - Entries Now Open

The Gawler Community Gallery Inc is proud to present The 6th Gawler Art Award in 2012. Entries are now invited from Artists both locally and nationwide for the following exhibition and category awards.

Exhibition Awards:
(Works in all categories will be judged in these awards)

Best overall work in Exhibition
Acquisitive prize - The Town of Gawler $2,000

The Briant Mahoney Memorial Award
Awarded to the work that most symbolises the essence and spirit of Gawler - historic or contemporary or both. (Acquisitive prize)
Kindly donated by Mr. Tony Piccolo Member for Light $500

Best work with a Flora /Nature Theme
Kindly donated by Vadoulis Garden Centre $100 Gift Voucher

People’s Choice
Kindly donated by Gawler Books. Vote for your favorite Artwork!

Category Awards:

Open Theme Award in Any Medium
Kindly donated by Adelaide Road Clinic $150

Watercolour Award in Any Theme
Kindly donated by TBA

Hanging Textile Award in Any Theme
Kindly donated by Jelina Haines, 1 to 1 Mentorship

3D Original Award in Any Theme or Medium
Kindly donated by The Gawler Community Gallery $100

Youth Award in Any Theme or Medium. Ages 10-14 years
Kindly donated by The Gawler Community Gallery $60

Youth Award in Any Theme or Medium. Ages 15 – 18 years
Kindly donated by The Gawler Community Gallery $60

Entries close Friday August 10th

Entry forms available from the Gallery or download and print one yourself from this link (requires Adobe Reader).

To be held at The Gawler Community Gallery August 16th to September 23rd. Official opening Sunday August 19th at 2pm.

For more information email Gallery Secretary David Arandle:

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Exhibitions: March 1st - April 8th

Art Lovers

Ron Brooks, Jan Harman, Kath O'Connor & Bob McCance - Artistic Quartet

The 'Artistic Quartet' will be exhibiting a collection of their paintings, primarily in watercolour. 
One of the paintings will be a part of a 'silent auction', in which all proceeds will be donated to Diabetes Australia. 
Bidding will close on the 25th of March.

On The Way To Beaujolais

Marilyn Tucker & Annette McRae - The Southern Belles (Southern chapter of The Mexettes)

Marilyn will be exhibiting her 'French Inspired' quilting work, while Annette, who is primarily trained as a painter and printmaker, will be exhibiting her textile work, as well as some of her photographic work. 
The exhibition is a stepping stone, preparation for their part in an exhibition in France in 2013.

3 Generations - Grandmother, Mother & Daughter

Joanne Hughes, Lee Eiffe & Elise Eiffe

The exhibition features mixed media created by three creative women, of three generations, from one family. 
Featuring Joanne's textiles and fabric manipulation, Lee's watercolour and acrylic paintings, and Elise's abstract paintings and photography.

Ramiro Ramos

Ramiro will be exhibiting his 'South American' inspired paintings.
Ramiro and his family recently migrated from Peru to Australia in 2010.
All exhibitions opening on the 1st of March, until the 8th of April.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Exhibitions Opening Event - January

Bianca Ottawa and her work
Chani Hitchins & Amber Hammersmith
Peacock Lane Photography
Kimberley Hargrave with her 'recycled garden art'
Carol Clue with her work
Carol giving her opening speech

Opening - Peacock Lane Photography - Picturing People


Monday, January 30, 2012

Exhibitions: 21st January - 26th February

Bianca Ottawa - Late Night Tinkering

Bianca Ottawa is exhibiting her series of detailed animal pictures, as well as her 'Whimsical' collection, for her first ever solo exhibition, entitled 'Late Night Tinkering.
Up until 6 months ago, Bianca Had never exhibited any of her work.

Peacock Lane Photography - Picturing People

Amber Hammersmith & Chani Hitchins exhibit for the first time under their new photography business name, 'Peacock Lane Photography'.
Their beautifully arranged exhibition, entitled 'Picturing People,' has a wide selection of their portrait and wedding photography work on display - proving just what these two young girls are capable of.
Both girls are currently studying for an Advance Diploma of Commercial Photography at TAFE.

Yvonne Juanay

Yvonne Jaunay's exhibition displays her very unique use of media and her creative techniques - From mosaic to paper manipulation.

Carol Clue and Kimberley Hargraves

Carol Clue and Kimberley Hargraves, team up to each exhibit their own individual artistic style.
Kimberley's 'up-cycled garden art' compliments Carol's series of detailed 'Asian-inspired' lino prints.