Monday, January 30, 2012

Exhibitions: 21st January - 26th February

Bianca Ottawa - Late Night Tinkering

Bianca Ottawa is exhibiting her series of detailed animal pictures, as well as her 'Whimsical' collection, for her first ever solo exhibition, entitled 'Late Night Tinkering.
Up until 6 months ago, Bianca Had never exhibited any of her work.

Peacock Lane Photography - Picturing People

Amber Hammersmith & Chani Hitchins exhibit for the first time under their new photography business name, 'Peacock Lane Photography'.
Their beautifully arranged exhibition, entitled 'Picturing People,' has a wide selection of their portrait and wedding photography work on display - proving just what these two young girls are capable of.
Both girls are currently studying for an Advance Diploma of Commercial Photography at TAFE.

Yvonne Juanay

Yvonne Jaunay's exhibition displays her very unique use of media and her creative techniques - From mosaic to paper manipulation.

Carol Clue and Kimberley Hargraves

Carol Clue and Kimberley Hargraves, team up to each exhibit their own individual artistic style.
Kimberley's 'up-cycled garden art' compliments Carol's series of detailed 'Asian-inspired' lino prints.