Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gallery 2013 Committee, AGM, Fringe Benefits Exhibition

Gallery 2013 Committee. From left; Thelma Kirkwood,
Colleen Gates, Ellen Steyn, Judy Furguson, David Arandle,
Joanne Hughes, Sue Olds, Colleen 'Col' Moyne.

2013 Committee

The gallery's 2013 committee was decided at November's AGM. Returning Committee members were extremely pleased and excited to once again have a full committee of eight members after a year of operating as a five person team.

Elected members and the roles are as follows:
  • Judy Ferguson - President
  • Ellen Steyn - Treasurer
  • David Arandle - Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Hanging Team Co-ordinator
  • Colleen Gates - Shop Co-ordinator
  • Sue Olds - Gawler  Health Service Exhibition Curator
  • Thelma Kirkwood - Program Co-ordinator
  • Joanne Hughes - Publicity.
  • Colleen 'Col' Moyne - Roster Co-ordinator
Congratulations to all successful nominees.

AGM Outcomes

One issue that was voted on at the AGM was the constitutional rule that no committee member is permitted to serve for more than 5 consecutive years. The meeting was asked whether this rule should be removed to allow those wishing to serve longer the ability to do so (in light of the ongoing difficulties associated with finding new committee members that the gallery had in 2012 - with former committee members resuming roles unofficially because of the restriction).

Removal of the rule was put to a vote with the majority in favor of having the limitation removed.

Fringe Benefits Exhibition - Entries now open

Entries are now invited from all artists to paint a canvas for our upcoming Fringe Benefits Exhibition being held as part of Adelaide's Fringe Festival during February and March.

The exhibition will be on display from Thursday 28th February 2013 to Sunday April 7th 2013. The official opening will be on Sunday March 3rd 2013 at 2pm.

To Enter simply visit the gallery and purchase a 30 x 40cm canvas for $10.00 (Price includes the cost of entry) and grab an official entry form (you may also download an entry form from our web site). Completed artworks must have the word 'Fringe' somewhere in the title.

You are free to interpret the theme 'Fringe' in any way and medium you choose just so long as the canvas forms part of your entry.

Limit of three entries per person. Entries Close Friday, February 22nd, 2013.

Note that the gallery closes for Christmas from Monday December 17th so be sure to visit the gallery by December 16th if you would like to purchase your canvas this year. The Gallery reopens on January 3rd 2013