Friday, January 18, 2013

Gallery Exhibitions Jan 17 – Feb 24, 2013

A Day at the Zoo - Robert Laidlaw
An exhibition of large and small photographs by photographer and journalist Robert Laidlaw featuring many animals from the Adelaide Zoo.

Mixed Moments in Time - Maxine Donald
Kapunda Artist, Maxine Donald, presents a selection of watercolour artworks and acrylic paintings capturing various themes and moments in time.

Horses, Cats and Other Things - Ellen Steyn, David Arandle
Ellen Steyn exhibits a selection of her widely admired horse paintings as well as maybe a few other themes too. Whilst David Arandle brings together some of his whimsical cat paintings and other artworks that usually raise a smile.

Summer's Showing - Colleen Gates, Dianne Vagg
Colleen Gates and Dianne Vagg present a selection of their watercolour artworks across a variety of subjects and themes.

Gallery Committee Members Exhibition
A selection of artworks by Committee members Judy Ferguson, Joanne Hughes, Thelma Kirkwood, Ellen Steyn, Colleen Gates, Sue Olds and Dianne Vagg.