Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gallery News

Members Note: We have a New Roster Coordinator as Colleen Moyne has resigned for personal reasons.

Joanne Hughes has kindly taken on this task and can be contacted by Email:  kenjo@internode.on.net  or Phone: 85248213.Joanne is also our Publicity Officer.
The Committee would like to request that as many of you as are able, place yourself on a set, permanent day on the roster each month. 
The reason for this is to attempt to make the Roster task much more easily managed. I am sure you all know that it is never easy completely filling all the roster days.
It would also make life easier for most of you as volunteers as well, because by doing this you would know exactly what your commitment is and could manage most Dr or other appointments around this. The obvious exception being with professionals who only offer specific days for appointments or if you are sick or away. These are things which will always pop up and we all have to deal with them.
We currently have 70 members, and 32 of those do not regularly sit on the roster. We are desperate for more volunteers with this, even if it is only a half day. Also as a thought by myself is it possible to permanently sit once every 2 months if your cannot do it more often? It all helps Joanne our roster coordinator with this daunting task.
The Gallery cannot run without our wonderful volunteer's assistance, we very much appreciate the effort you all go to in maintaining the Gawler Gallery as a viable exhibition space with a welcoming & friendly atmosphere.

Gallery to Have New Office!

By August we will have moved the Office upstairs to what is now the BLUEBIRD room, (previously the blue room).
This room will be dedicated to all office work, and we hope to run the occasional "workshop" and "social gathering" from there as well.
Over the last 6 months we have noted that our visitors are very reluctant to enter the shop, even when invited, as they feel like they are intruding into an office. The Shop coordinator & assistant have been constantly trying to remedy this problem with minimal effect.
There are also Occupation, Health & Safety issues with trying to hang paintings over bulky furniture. The last thing we want is for any of our volunteers to get injured.
Use Of Kitchen ;
There will be a new contract drawn up with the Lions Club soon, to reflect the recent changes with the Gallery space. We will no longer be getting the kitchen space, it will continue to be shared with the Lions as they find they still need the extra room for storage.

Available Gallery Spaces for 2013

Looking for Exhibition Space? We still have available rooms this year, however they are filling fast. Each Exhibition run time is 6 weeks, and our prices are very reasonable.  
The dates and rooms still available are: August 15th - Sept' 22nd, The Overland Gallery and The Ghan Gallery, these are both upstairs, quite large rooms with lovely light & high ceilings. 
Contact: Thelma Kirkwood on 8254 2886 or
Email: atkirk@bigpond.com
At a later date I will give you the remaining availability for 2014 which is also filling very fast.

It Doesn't Happen By Accident

Hanging Exhibitions

Visitors to the Gallery probably never stop to think about how the artwork gets up on the walls and always looks fantastic.  
Magic? I don't think so!
I would like to congratulate & thank Team Leader, David Arandle & our hanging team for all their hard work in performing this important task several times
a year.
There is a definite ART to this task and extra help is always appreciated, so if you feel you can give a few hours every 6 weeks, and wish to learn the in's & out's of hanging, and taking down an exhibition to it's best advantage, then please contact David you will find his expertise & support invaluable.
All Galleries aim for a professional and artistic look to present to their visitors.
David is also our hard working secretary. 
You can contact him by 
Email at; etourist@arttimeproductions.com

It is not only the exhibition rooms that require a lot of thought and effort to maintain a professional look in our premises, but also the Shop & Hallways, which form part of our shop. 
The Shop coordinator Colleen Gates & assistant Dianne Vagg attend to this on a regular basis. At other times throughout the month if extra work comes in for the shop, several of our other members do a sterling job in assisting with this as well, so a big thank you to them also.