Monday, July 29, 2013

Committee Expose'

ARE YOU COMMITTED TO YOUR GALLERY ?                    How Can YOU Help Run YOUR Gallery?

This is to be an EXPOSE' of the Gawler Community Gallery Committee & the positions held to aid in it's everyday running.

The following positions are filled for 2013 by these people, many of whom will need to retire at the AGM due in November, some for personal reason, others because they have been on the Committee for many years and feel the need for a change.
President: Judy Ferguson
Vice President: N/A
Secretary: David Arandle
Hanging Team Manager: David Arandle
Newsletter Editor:  David Arandle
Web Site & Blog:  David Arandle, & Dianne Vagg
Treasurer: Ellen Steyn
Program Calendar Coordinator: Filling Exhibition rooms: Thelma Kirkwood
Face Book: Thelma Kirkwood+
Roster: Joanne Hughes
Publicity Officer: Joanne Hughes
Shop Coordinator: Colleen Gates
GHS- Gawler Hospital Service: Sue Olds
Shop Assistant: Dianne Vagg

Committee Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10 AM.
AGM Forms will be sent out during September/October this year.

It is time to consider if you would like to take more part in the running of your Gallery. If you have any questions please contact the person whose role you are interested in.
At least 5 positions will need to be filled for 2014, and now is not too soon to start thinking about it.
Why not sit in on a meeting? The next one is Thursday 1st August, 10am, at the Gallery.

Something to consider:  
NO Committee = No Gallery.
We ALL have worked TOO hard over the years for that to happen.
It is always difficult filling these positions, however the out going members are MORE than willing to assist any new comers to their roles.

Some of the positions being Vacated are:  President,   Secretary,   Programme Coordinator, Gawler Health Service Coordinator (this is the exhibtion that changes over every 3 months at the Hospital)  We are not sure about the Roster yet.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Exhibition Program for remainder of 2013

Exhibition Program For July to December 2013

July 4th - 11th August

Tea & Sugar Room - Gawler Art Society, Title: "Extending The Boundaries"
Red Hen RoomAnnette McCrae & Marilyn Tucker Title; "Return From Beaujolais"
Overland Room  Ron Brook, Bob McCance Jan Harman Kath O'Connor,  Title; "Further Along The Path"
Ghan Room"TheMexettes", presented by:  Annette McCrae & Marilyn Tucker, Title; "Beautiful Australia".

August 15th - September 22nd

Tea & Sugar  Room - Sharyn Sinclair, Title: TBA
Red Hen  Room - Sherry Spendlove, Title: TBA
Overland Room  -  empty - available for hire
Ghan Room  -    empty - available for hire

September 26th - November 3rd

Tea & Sugar Room Carol Clue, Title: TBA
Red Hen Room  - Gawler Texplorers, Title: TBA
Overland Room  - Jelina Haines. Title: TBA
Ghan Room  - Jelina Haines, Title: TBA

November 7th - Dec 15th

Tea & Sugar Room - Gallery Christmas Shop
Red Hen Room - Peter Thompson, Title: Petes Drums & More
Overland Room - Gawler Gallery Members exhibition
Ghan Room - Gawler Gallery Members Exhibition

Note: Any adjustments to the Calender will be advised as they occur, thank you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shop Updates


It has been noted that Colleen & Ellen did the bulk of the move with the relocation of the Office to upstairs, with some help from Joanne. Dianne stayed downstairs and helped re-arrange the shop. It is so much easier to work now that they are separated.
Welcome to our 'Pottery Place'
This is our 'Accessory Bay'
The shop looks great and has been receiving really good feedback to this effect. Of particular note is that visitors are now entering the shop for a proper browse around and chat with volunteers.   Your feedback is always welcome.

More to come soon.

Current Exhibitions, Openings & Gallery News

Sunday the 7th of August saw a new round of Exhibitions being opened. There are 4 Exhibitions in all, open for the next 6 weeks. 
Starting from July 4th and closing on Sunday August 11th, when all purchased items need to be picked up & paid for at 4pm. If you are unable to make it at this time please make suitable arrangements with the Gallery Volunteers as we really do not have much storage space.

  Upstairs in the - "Ghan Gallery" Titled: "Beautiful Australia".

This exhibition is currently on tour throughout Australia, following an International Quilt Show in Beaujolais France by Australian group -"TheMexettes. presented by:  Annette McCrae & Marilyn Tucker,  who are Gawler quilters and members of The Gawler Community Gallery.

Downstairs in the -"Red Hen Gallery", Annette & Marilyn are also holding their own exhibition. 
Titled: "Return From Beaujolais".This is a collection of their own quilting work and is every bit as lovely as the travelling exhibition.

Upstairs in the -"Overland Gallery"
Titled: "Further Along The Path" is a lovely Exhibition full of variety, which include a large number of beautiful Australian Landscapes, Celtic style work and others.
The artists who are: Ron Brook, Bob McCance Jan Harman Kath O'Connor, are  from "The Truro Art Group". Nice to see them in our Gallery.

Downstairs In the -"Tea & Sugar Gallery",
Titled: "Extending The Boundaries" are the Gawler Art Society. This exhibition includes a selection of Watercolours, Pastels, Acrylics & Oils. A very talented group whose work is always worth coming out in this cold wet weather to view.

This last photo is the table display in the "Tea & Sugar Gallery" which show the variety of Art for sale by the Gawler Art Society.

There are a lot of things to cover this month, please take the time to go through the headings and read the ones appropriate to you.

Note: there has been recent comment about  *"WHEELCHAIR" access to the Gallery. We would like to advise you that we DO have ground floor access for disabled people. Please send someone in to ask for the door to be opened, which is to the right of the "Heritage Cafe" doors with easy ramp access.
We have 2 Exhibition Rooms downstairs along with our shop which includes the Hallway.
We have installed an electronic "photo screen" in the shop where you can sit and look at the artworks being displayed in the Upstairs Exhibition rooms, and chat with our friendly volunteers.
Being a Heritage building severely restricts what can be done to the building.


On the FIRST Thursday of the month starting from August 1st, Colleen Gates, Shop Coordinator will host a social event from in the new Office space upstairs (Bluebird Room).
We invite all our volunteers and members to come along for tea, coffee & a chat on these days. Anyone who is interested in joining the Gallery either to exhibit or as a volunteer is also welcome to come along.
This is to be purely a get to know you event as most members & volunteers sit with the same people and whilst they know names they are not familiar with their fellow artists. Contact Colleen on 8252 3564 or email:
There is no need to RSVP.


Last Sunday, the 14th of July, in conjunction with 'The Heritage Cafe' next door who were having their Grand Opening, we were invited to have an outdoor stall to help celebrate the occasion. This was at relatively short notice, we did however manage to have quite a few of our members bring items along and Colleen, Ellen, Carol & Dianne stayed for the day both setting up and manning the stall. They were gratefully assisted by Both Colleen & Ellen's husbands & Peter who had his drums for sale. The weather kindly held off until close to 1pm which is when we were due to pack up.
There were a large number of people around which was in part due to the Lions market as well as 'The Heritage Cafe' events, most of the people who spoke to us or bought items at the stall, then went in to view the Gallery. This made for a busy Sunday and we had good sales on the stall, a worthwhile event. I myself spoke to some very interesting people, among them a gentleman who had worked for the Railways many years ago and remembered the 'Station Master's House' as it was back then, and how he had to use a hession water bag to go and get water for the house. Another chap works at "The Museum" and as curator for the 'Waterhouse Art Exhibition', both were impressed with the look of our Gallery.
  We must be doing something right, and as always where would we be without our loyal volunteers who put in so much effort.


was in the Gallery on Sunday 14th and seemed very impressed.   This is a Face Book site and for those interested they cover almost everything happening in and around Gawler. They have over 1000, followers and HAVE promoted the current exhibitions at the Gallery. (planning to keep in touch)

*SALA  will be here soon ! August 2nd - 25th 2013

The Gawler Community Gallery is one of the participants in:
The GAWLER ART TRAIL happening during SALA, with an Official Opening  Fri 2nd Auguat 6-8pm at The Gawler Institute. (an initiative of the Gawler Business Development Group, Gawler Council and participating venues.)
 RSVP/ Contact; or phone: 0402 347 920 for details. You can pick up your Art Trail card from the Gallery now.

** There is still the GHAN Exhibition room available from 15th August - 22nd September. If you can put a last minute exhibition together you can take advantage of  SALA's promotions **  as part of your publicity.
Please contact Thelma Kirkwood on ph: 8254 2886 or Email:

*Publicity For The Gallery

A good part of the Bunyip Newspaper, Arts Page has been devoted to gallery exhibitions. We have also had an item in the Herald Vibe Page, and three Radio Interviews on Salisbury Community Radio. Continuing to get the usual newsletter, Facebook and Website postings so all round we are getting really good coverage for the gallery.

Due to be launched in May 2014, this will be a competition with prizes.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr Brian Thom there will be prize money allocated for the History Exhibition. (History Month is May 2014)  
The proposed exhibition dates are April 10th - May 18th. Complete details will be advised once they have been confirmed.
I am letting you know about this now so that you can be well prepared in getting your artwork started, with research for paintings, photography etc.


Please note: that there are paintings hung for sale at the Hospital in Gawler and are changed over every 6 months. There is a strict limit of 2 paintings per person as a lot of people are now taking part.
If you are interested in joining this exhibition please contact: Sue Olds, ph; 8525 2590 or email;    Next change over is due Sept 4th, and is usually at 2pm