Monday, July 29, 2013

Committee Expose'

ARE YOU COMMITTED TO YOUR GALLERY ?                    How Can YOU Help Run YOUR Gallery?

This is to be an EXPOSE' of the Gawler Community Gallery Committee & the positions held to aid in it's everyday running.

The following positions are filled for 2013 by these people, many of whom will need to retire at the AGM due in November, some for personal reason, others because they have been on the Committee for many years and feel the need for a change.
President: Judy Ferguson
Vice President: N/A
Secretary: David Arandle
Hanging Team Manager: David Arandle
Newsletter Editor:  David Arandle
Web Site & Blog:  David Arandle, & Dianne Vagg
Treasurer: Ellen Steyn
Program Calendar Coordinator: Filling Exhibition rooms: Thelma Kirkwood
Face Book: Thelma Kirkwood+
Roster: Joanne Hughes
Publicity Officer: Joanne Hughes
Shop Coordinator: Colleen Gates
GHS- Gawler Hospital Service: Sue Olds
Shop Assistant: Dianne Vagg

Committee Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10 AM.
AGM Forms will be sent out during September/October this year.

It is time to consider if you would like to take more part in the running of your Gallery. If you have any questions please contact the person whose role you are interested in.
At least 5 positions will need to be filled for 2014, and now is not too soon to start thinking about it.
Why not sit in on a meeting? The next one is Thursday 1st August, 10am, at the Gallery.

Something to consider:  
NO Committee = No Gallery.
We ALL have worked TOO hard over the years for that to happen.
It is always difficult filling these positions, however the out going members are MORE than willing to assist any new comers to their roles.

Some of the positions being Vacated are:  President,   Secretary,   Programme Coordinator, Gawler Health Service Coordinator (this is the exhibtion that changes over every 3 months at the Hospital)  We are not sure about the Roster yet.