Friday, September 20, 2013

Face Book Find

Hi all I found this little story from "Bethbury Millinery" on Face Book, and thought you would all as Artist out there appreciate it's content.
It is a representation of our never ending efforts in our cause for creating the Best work that we can.

Gallery News

Since the Office has moved upstairs we have seen quite a BiG improvement to the numbers of people visiting us, these numbers also include several people who have never been to the Gallery before. Well done All !!!  This, as the writer, is I am sure, as a result of not only all our improvements this year, but also due to all the hard work put in to promoting our wonderful Gallery by it's Board & Members.


As Christmas quickly creeps up on us our time becomes more & more limited, what with The Pageant, Family & Work Party's, which always seem to come ALL at once.
It is NEVER too early to start a project for our Christmas Exhibition, thinking caps on, go looking for inspiration. I'm sure we will have lots of Fantastic Entries.

  •  It will run from the 7th November to the 15th of December. we then have our closure days and it will continue on until the 12th of January 2014.
  • This runs in line with the Christmas shop which will also extend for the same dates.

Exhibition Entry Forms are NOW available from the Gallery, so collect one the next time you are on roster or pop  in and pick one up.

I will add new posts after the next round of Exhibitions Open which is on the 26th September.

There will soon be more information regarding the AGM scheduled for the 7th of November. Once everything has been locked in we will let you know.

In the mean time,
Spread the word about our wonderful Gallery, & above ALL Enjoy Your Creativity. 
Cheers from Dianne

Shop Updates

From Colleen & Dianne

BIG CHANGES - For ALL members.

 To avoid confusion regarding ALL Consignment Stock in the shop we have decided to ALTER  the CHANGE OVER DATE for ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

Effective Immediately, ALL Stock Items are to be changed over every 4 MONTHS !
You MAY change your stock rotation more frequently if desired !

The Added Bonus are;
We have done this so that you only need to remember the ONE date in future as there have been quite a few people forgetting to do their changes.
 Now there need only be 4 changes for the year.
(Just remember to mark your Calendar/Diary at home.)

It is also acceptable for regular Roster members to change over their stock on the next, or previous sitting to their change date, so you don't need to make that extra trip into Gawler for those who do not live close by.

It is NOT a quarterly change it is just as your current term expires so that the shop curator & volunteers are not overloaded with lots of changes all at once.

We see this as further streamlining the operation of the shop and hope that you all accept the changes as a positive thing, many thanks Colleen & Dianne.


You may have notice several changes over the last few months, among them are several  TITLED sections for specific items. Currently they are; "The Accessory Bay", "Pottery Place" & "Kids Corner", if we/or you, think of others we may decide to add more.
By doing this though we need to make sure that the APPROPRIATE stock is in each section.


We have had a few comments recently in the shop about NOT having anything little for kiddies to buy or for people to give kiddies as gifts.

"Land Before Time" by Dianne Vagg
Sooooo:  PLEASE consider making or painting a few items to help overcome this oversight. It is not something that we have considered before, however as we DO  have a shop it is only natural that the public could expect us to try and cover all age groups and tastes where we can.

Colleen has been knitting some little people & I myself have included some children's jewellery, to get us started.
We are now putting out a call to our talented artistic members to come up with one or two special somethings ranging from  a few $'s to help us in this area, & if you can make it something that is "specifically" your style, then all the better.

Kiddies Bracelets by Dianne & Priity Bits Jewellery

And On That Note, leads me into "THE CHRISTMAS SHOP" which we will be having again this year.

 Starting on: 7th of November, along with the next round of Exhibitions and running until January 12th 2014 including our closure dates over the Holiday period. (these will be advised soon)

It is now time to put thinking caps on and come up with items suitable as Christmas Gifts or Stocking Fillers. 
Lets make it a really successful one this year by telling ALL you friends & Family, and if you are on Face Book, Twitter or other media, spread the word that way too.

I have included the only photos I have to give you some inspiration, so Happy Creating everyone.

We will be holding a Christmas Raffle again this year and would like to call upon your previous generosity and ask you to please donate something for it so we can make some very special prizes for the lucky winners to be.

We now have a NEW vacuum cleaner, most of you probably know this by now. However if not I am pleased to say that when fully charged it will clean the whole Gallery from top to bottom, and is So, So easy to use. Especially compared to sweeping up. If you have any problems with operating it feel free to contact Dianne Vagg, her number is on the Roster.


The buzzer push is located in the Notice Board lower Right hand corner, and the inside component is plugged into the power near Kiddies Corner. Access is via the  door in our old shop.

Exhibition Program

Program Update September to December 2013   

September 26th - November 3rd

Tea & Sugar Room Carol Clue,                                    Title: "Variety The Spice Of Life"
Red Hen Room  - Gawler Texplorers,                                    Title: "Fabricadabra" There are 8 people involved in this exhibition.
Overland Room  - Jelina Haines.                                              Title: "Emergence Of Culture" and 3 other people
Ghan Room  -Also  Jelina Haines,  As Above. 

November 7th - Dec 15th

Tea & Sugar Room - Gallery Christmas Shop
Red Hen Room - Peter Thompson,                                        Title: "Pete's Drums & More"
Overland Room - Gawler Gallery Members exhibition
Ghan Room - Gawler Gallery Members Exhibition

Note: Any adjustments to the Calender will be advised as they occur, thank you.