Sunday, November 17, 2013


Raffle value is approximately $200.00 for, 1st Prize. 2nd Prize around $40.00 & 3rd Prize around $20.00

We rely on our Volunteers to donate goods for our raffles and therefore all Values are aproximate, thank you.

Tickets are $1.00 each, they are available at the Gallery Shop or via any of our Members so if you know one of them ask for tickets.
First Prize - Hamper

2nd Prize: Organiser/Compendium

2013 Christmas Raffle will be drawn on the 15th of December at the Gallery, the Winner will then be notified and I will place the notification on here also a few days later.

3rd Prize: Writing Set & pen plus.

We hold only a few raffles per year which help us to continue in our efforts to bring you a Gallery that has regular FANTASTIC NEW Exhibitions, every 6 weeks, which consist of a WIDE variety of beautiful Art work from VERY TALENTED local Artists.

We are a Community  Art Gallery ENTIRELY run & STAFFED by VOLUNTEERS, without whose efforts there would be no Gallery in Gawler.

We welcome all the support of our volunteers and Visitors alike, and would like to wish Everyone "A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON. 



First Prize goes to: L. Rogers
Second Prize goes to: M. Chenaghn
Third Prize goes to: R. Brook

Congratulations to ALL our Winners, we hope you enjoy your goodies,
from all the Volunteers at The Gawler Community Gallery.

Current Exhibitions & Openings

November 3rd - December 15th  2013

CHRISTMAS  PRESENTS:-  suitable  for  ANYONE  in  your  FAMILY,  from  Children  to  Adult.    



The Overland  & Ghan  - Exhibition Room 

Title: "Members Exhibition" By: Current Members

             We have a great variety of Art & Artists represented in this exhibition, amongst them are Heather Garfield, Carol Clue, Ron Brook, Lorraine Winchester, Ellen Steyne and many more.                          
There is everything from Abstract & Realism done in Acrylic, Oils, Watercolour & Textiles. There is a fantastic variety of technique & styles and sizes to choose from.


Red Hen - Exhibition Room

Title: "Pete's Drums & More" By: Peter Thompson

Pete makes the most fantastic drums from pig skins and new & recycled materials, he is also a very good artist painting Abstract in Oils, so come along and see the variety of work that he produses. Again these would make great gifts.


Tea & Sugar  - Exhibition Room

Title: "Our Christmas Shop"  By: members who regularly sell their work in our Gallery Shop.

This year we have a great variety of small & medium gift lines available for Children & young Pre-Teens, as we have had a lot of requests for such items.
We have Christmas cards by several of our clever Artisans. Christmas cake covers to keep you lovely cakes fresh, by Laura & other Xmas themed pieces including paintings of lovely Snowmen by Thelma Kirkwood.
 We have also got Childrens paintings, Child Bracelets & Earrings, (also some with Xmas themes), by Dianne Vagg.   Hand Puppets by Colleen, Gorgeous Owl Cushions by Joanne and Key hanging Plaques by RonBrook.

There is a lot of otherTextile work, also by several Artists, gift/greeting cards, other Jewellery for adults includes - regular & modern resin, and much more.

Our Main Shop

has many Paintings, Pottery, Jewellery, wooden beads & much more, ALL suitable as Christmas Gifts.
Look under Shop News for more Fantastic Christmas Information.

Don't forget to come and visit us soon, while there are still lots of choices available

Friday, November 08, 2013

Gallery News

We now have a  comments  section for you so please feel free to leave us a message.  Note: you need to go into the "News Archive" on the left of screen, select the Month, then select a Heading, the comments start as from November 2013. Many thanks for your interest management.


The 2013 A.G.M ran smoothly, with all committee members standing down & the New Committee being chosen, accepted & seconded into the minutes, following the reading of  the 2012 minutes, and reports from the outgoing committee.
I am pleased to convey that the incoming committee members for 2014 are as follows:
President - Mr Ron Brook,  No Email available.
Vice President & Roster Manager - Joanne Hughes, Email:
Treasurer - Ellen Steyne, Email;
Secretary -  Colleen Gates, Email;
Publicity Officer - Judy Ferguson, Email;
Shop Manager  & Blog - Dianne Vagg, Email;
Exhibition Program Coordinator/Curator & Face Book - Thelma Kirkwood, Email; atkirk@bigpond.comEmail; 
Gawler Health Service (GHS) Coordinator - Sue Olds, Email;
Extra Committee Member - Mrs Sylvia Bolding, who has kindly agreed to be minute taker & assist the Secretary.

Out going Committee

On behalf of ALL Gallery members I would like to say a BIG thank you to all our retiring Committee members for doing such a great job during 2013, with special thanks to long standing David Arandle who did a wonderful job managing many roles, squeezing them in with his very busy private life.
David was not only our Secretary, but also, managed Hanging of Exhibitions, Membership Renewal, Organising & sending out Exhibition Invitations, was Editor of our Newsletter & also implemented & ran both Web site & Blog pages which were linked. Now that he has stood down David has reorganised these pages to make it easier for us all to follow.
We now just have the Blog which he has also given a face lift with a fresh new look which is much more inviting to the public and easier to read.

Shrouded in Blue
For All on the outgoing Committee, it has been very busy all year, making improvements to our lovely Gallery. Early in the year the whole building received a face lift both inside & out, with a few hiccups along the way. With the building maintenance program we were shrouded in blue for around 4 weeks while the Roof was replaced & the Walls pressure washed.
small section of Shop
All has since been sorted and we moved on to creating an office upstairs which meant that we have been able to make the Shop much less crowded & a much nicer place for the public to come into.
With a lot of hard work from a lot of people we have been able to ensure that the Gallery's sales in all areas is up from last year. This is despite the fact that initially exhibition sales were down and both shop sales and visitor entry numbers into the shop had been well down early in the year.
set up of Stall
With all the new improvements our visitor numbers into the shop increased substantially again. We also ran a stall, more or less a last minute thing which we were invited to do by "The Heritage Cafe" as part of their opening activities.
  We placed one of our sandwich board signs down near the Lions Markets entry, which brought a lot of people up to the Gallery, having a good look around. There was a lot of great feed back that day & most people had still not realised that there was a Gallery here.


There have been a number of people making an extra effort to spread the word about our beautiful Gallery,  as well as our appointed Publicity Officer, Joanne Hughes, who did a Brilliant job of getting us into the local papers no less than 52 times this year.
M.P. Tony Picollo's Window
These include: the Bunyip, Messenger & Tony Picollos's own Newsletter, & on the Council Web site. Two Radio Stations at both Kapunda & Salisbury every 6 weeks.  Kerry Barret sent the photos in to the Art &  Social pages for us too.
Joanne also organised mini exhibitions set up in M.P Tony Picollo's Office window, we had good mention in the SALA magazine & were involved in the Gawler Art Trail with 8 other venues, which was a first for the town and I believe very successful.
Thelma has been looking after the Gallery's Face Book page, and with increasing posts & information throughout the year has managed to build our "Likers" ( which are people who are following what we do) up from the low 40's to now 107 with interest on the up & up. Well done Thelma and good luck with next years continued successes.   
Myself (Dianne) have been writing up the Blog, then "sharing" it to Face Book & Google pages, also on my Art page.  and our Amity page,    I have also managed to get information on another Face Book page called "Gawler Happenings" which promotes all things going on around Gawler, they have been most supportive.
The last page I found is one called "Around" this is an Australia wide web page which promotes all sorts of things, you simply select the State & the town you want and choose a subject you wish to see or visit, to find out what is on in that area on any given wee, having first put in your post code.  (It is great for both locals & tourists alike.) I recommend you go and have a look at this one.
We also periodically share information with Clare Rotary,   Kapunda Gallery, via Maxine Donald, who has been involved with our Gallery in the past.                Port Community Art centre at Port Adelaide,        &  The General store Community Art Group at MtBarker.

So you see we are spreading the word far and wide to promote your Gallery and wonderful Art works.

Happy Reading, good night I will see you all soon, cheers Dianne.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013

The Gallery's Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013 is to be held this Thursday, November 7th, from 12pm at the Criterion Hotel (opposite the Gallery).

The function will also double as our annual members Christmas get together. So come along and hear some great reports from your committee on the year just gone, see who our new committee for 2014 will be then stay for lunch and conversation (from 1pm).

All the documents you'll need for the AGM can be found on the Documents page of this website. You'll mostly need to print out just the Agenda. Only print out the minutes of the previous year's AGM if there is an item or issue within them that you wish to raise at this years AGM and need them to refer to.

If you'd like to nominate for a committee position then print out a nomination form and return it to either the Secretary or Returning Officer at the meeting on the day.

If you have any questions about the AGM or would like to RSVP your attendance (or submit an apology if you can't be there) email the secretary at

We look forward to your attendance.