Friday, October 17, 2014


A.G.M. and Members CHRISTMAS gathering.

Meeting Date is - 6th November 2014

The Gawler Community Gallery A.G.M will be held at 12 noon, at 'The Criterion Hotel' on the corner of Twenty Third Street, oposite the Railway station and our Gallery.
You are welcome to join us for lunch, (the MORE the MERRIER)which we will order before the start of the meeting.
Please Note that we need a minimum of 2 new Committee Members for the coming year as some people will be retiring due to family commitments or health.

If you are interested please contact one of our current committee members and they will talk you through what the positions entail.  We WILL NOT leave you high and dry, ALL current out going committee are more than willing to assist you where necessary to help you in your new role.

We really need new blood on the committee. For a few reasons; Firsly without a full committee we cannot operate as stated in our Constitution and the gallery would soon disappear.
Secondly new blood means NEW ideas, and these are always worth looking into and pursuing. I know that we have a wealth of very talented members out there who's help would be invaluable.


You can either nominate yourself, or nominate another member for a position on the committee. Download the Nomination Form here. We are looking for people to fill the role or assist "Shop Co-ordinator and also the Gallery Publicity Officer.

Speaking for myself (Dianne Vagg) I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Shop Co-ordinator, it has been exhausting for me as I also look after the Blog pages, have done the Raffles this year and my own art pages, leaving little time for actual artistic pursuits. At home I am my husbands Carer, and that needs more attention now than before. I also have several of my own health issues and am not getting any younger - chuckle.
I do want, and will, remain active at the gallery, so will continue doing my bit on the roster and also the Blog.  I am only a phone call or email away to assist whoever takes over from me.

I am not the only person resigning this year and I would like to thank the remainder of the Committee for their wonderful work, and their everlasting energy and commitment to the tasks they have taken on. 
Many of these people have been on the committee since the Gallerys inception back in 2006 and they deserve a well earned break,
Cheers to all and I hope to see a great turn up at the A.G.M / Christmas Lunch. Dianne

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

What IS a Miniature

What Is a Miniature Painting?

As the next round of exhibitions; includes a Members' MINIATURE Exhibition, I thought that it might be helpful to have a little look at what we call a miniature.

The next round opens on; 6th November 2014
and the Entry Closing Date is; 4pm, 23rd October 2014. Late Entries cannot be accepted.

The organisers need time to list all entry details and produce the Catalogue which is very time consuming, so be sure that ALL your details are correct at the time of entry.

Now back to our MINIATURE's. Some may feel a little confused by this.

What is a Miniature you may ask. Well.....

Here at The Gawler Community Gallery we have decided to go with an overall MAXIMUM size of 5x5 inches, or 25  Square Inches.  Which is to say that 25 x 1 inch squares will fit into your square or rectangle, which then equals 5 x 5 inches maximum.
clear as mud eh!  

The upshot is that as long as one inch squares total no more than 25 then your work will fit the requirement as a miniature regardless of whether it is actually a SQUARE or a RECTANGLE,  or indeed if it is smaller than 5x5 inch, it is still acceptable.

What about overall size ?

What the.....I hear you say. 

Well again, As long as the painting itself is the correct measurement, then the frame can be 10 inch x 14 inch if you want, (or any size which enhances your work) so long as it has been mounted properly within the frame on mounting board.  The painting may be dead centre, high, or low in the mount, or even offset to one side.

I hope this has been of some use to you all.
We still have some miniature Canvases available through the Gallery Shop,
and you still have PLENTY of time to produce something, with 3 weeks yet until entries close.

Happy painting, I am looking forward to seeing everyones bright ideas and different finishes, in the Medium of your choice.
Cheers from Blog Admin Di

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Exhibitions Open

See What's On NOW!

Liz receives her prize
Congratulations to Liz Collinge and Steve Oatway for their winning entries in the Reduce, ReUse, Recycle Exhibition, which opened yesterday.
By Liz Collinge

There was a good crowd of visitors for the opening and on a lovely spring day it was a good time for all.

Items on Exhibit RRR
Steve Oatway receives prize

Items on exhibit RRR
Items shown from the Reduce, ReUse, Recycle Exhibition which opened yesterday at The Gawler Community Gallery.

There is an amazing variety of found object which have been carefully and cleverly crafted into items of beauty which can now have another use in someone's home.

Textile Group pieces

The wonderful work of The Textile group is back again with some very different items for you to view and purchase this time round.

And not forgeting the lovely prayer flags on the left.

Just look at those perfect points in the Red Textile on the right.

We have the very talent Lorraine Winchester, and Heather Garfield who produce the most amazing Floral and Animals paintings in watercolour. Such lovely fresh crisp and vibrant work.

Last but by no means least we also have Carol Clues Exhibition.
Carol is a very versitile Artist who produces work in several Medium. I am currently waiting for photos of Carols lovely work.

All Artwork is for sale and with Christmas coming up fast upon us it is time to start planning for those special gifts for a very special someone in your life.

More updates again soon, cheers for now Admin Di

Appropriate Framing

An IMPORTANT Message from Our President

Regarding Framing...

The President wishes to impress on members the need for the correct fittings to be attached to paintings. 
14 paintings had to have rings replaced at the recent exhibition hanging which wasted a lot of time for the team. In future entries will be refused if unsuitably  framed.
Small- A rings and eyelets are too small for the Gallerys Hanging System(hooks).
Our Policies State the Accepted materials for finished framing and are as stated here-
Large D-Ring
Large D-Rings as pictured, 
Size; 20 x 12mm maximum weight bearing is 40kg
For Extra Large work a D-Ring with a Double hole for screwing into the frame is more appropriate.
Wire also needs to be of an appropriate weight.
Keeping in mind that ALL work must be EASILY LIFTED for hanging or display.
These are NOT available at your local Hardware Store. 
We carry D-Rings at the Gallery Shop (for a small fee) for your convenience, or you can contact our President Mr Ron Brook, or our Sponsor- Framer Dave Ferrell from 'Dial A Picture Framer, both can help you with these items at a very reasonable cost. Dave visits the gallery every month on the 2nd Saturday from 11am  until 12 and offers our members a good discount for his framing services.

Other Framing Requirements

First and MOST obvious is- to make sure that your frame is UN-DAMAGED. you really don't want it to fall apart when it is being hung or removed apon sale. (that would be a tad embarrassing!)
NO CORD, use WIRE.  Cord is only stapled and CAN slip causing a fall and damage to your art. The gallery cannot take responsibility for this.
Hanging Wire- needs to be an appropriate weight for the weight of the painting and also MUST BE PLACED 1/4 down from the top for framed work and FURTHER UP towards the TOP for CANVASES, so the piece sits flatter to the wall when hung.
HOW TIGHT?  The Wire needs to have some slack in it to enable the D-Rings to be moved out enough to place on our Hanging Hooks. See photo below!
If framing under GLASS suitable matting must be used. (we have unfortunately had ordinary paper used occasionally) it really does not make your work look good at all.
Appropriate Backing- Foam Core is best. It helps lighten the load (weight) making it less likely to fall and easier for those doing the hanging for exhibitions.

Finishing Off- Use a wide brown tape around the frame edges, which is also available from the above people.
All Art Work- MUST be both CLEAN and DRY.
At Right:- An appropriately Framed Painting.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Gallery News

Policies Committee, Members and More

Fathers Day Raffle results

First Prize- Renata Stone.
Second Prize- Mick McCallum
Third Prize- Athalie Pitman.
Congratulations everyone, I hope all the Father's enjoy their day next Sunday.

The 7th Art Award

I thought that you might all like to know what feed back we had from the Judges, it may help everyone for the next Award in 2 years time.

"The judges enjoyed the quality and variety of work on display. 
The organisers of this exhibition are to commended and congratulated on 
their efforts.
An exhibition such as this encourages diversity and is the ideal 
opportunity to take some artistic risks.
While there were plenty of works on display we would like to have seen 
more variety in the choice of subject matter.

This was especially so in the watercolour section - it was felt that 
entrants would do well to be more adventurous in their choices of 
subject as well as in their treatment.

The judges discussed some options relating to the few works on display 
in the youth sections and it is hoped that these sections will see more 
involvement in the future.

Thankyou for the hospitality afforded us.
Good fortune with the exhibition,
Gerhard Ritter" (judge)

A HUGE Thank you to our judges, they did a sterling job, having a massive task in front of them with  a minimum of 160 art works to critique.

Policies, Committee and Members

It has been decided by our Committee to review ALL Gallery Policies in the VERY near future.
This will be done with the aim of streamlining the running of our Gallery and making it easier for all in their given tasks.
Whilst the efforts put in by many are not difficult, they can at times be time consuming, so we need to acknowledge these ongoing commitments to our Gallery by it's valued committee AND many active Members.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 7th Gawler Bi-Annual Art Award

Photos and Gossip.

This is an OPEN Exhibition, which means that anyone may enter from across Australia.

The Gawler Art Award, actually began 14 years ago. Before it found it's current home in our wonderful Gallery, It used to be held at various venues around the town of Gawler.

This year we had many lovely Sponsors and would like to take the time to acknowledge them and give them thanks for their continued support as in the past.

They are as follows:  Gawler Council, M.P. Tony Piccolo, Vadoulis Garden Centre, Adelaide Road Clinic, Sanctuuary Of Hair and Beauty, Dial a Picture Framer, Kornacraft, and Ned's of Gawler.
The People's Choice award was sponsored by The Gawler Community Gallery.

There was a panel of 3 judges comprising two prominent Artists, and the Mayor of Gawler.
On the day of the Grand Opening, Light refreshments were supplied after the Presentations and Opening speeches.

Perigrines's Roost, by Carol Coventry
Councillor Karen Redman
and Judy Ferguson
Overall Winner of The 7th Gawler Art Award is; Carol Coventry, award presented by Mayor Brian Sambell.
Sponsored by 'The Town Of Gawler'- council.
Carol also received a merit award for one of her other entries.

Briant Mahony Award Winner is
Joanne Emery

The Honourable Mr Tony Piccolo M.P. presented the coveted 'Briant Mahony Award' to the Winner Joanne Emery.
For her 3D work of an Aerial View of The Town of Gawler.

Above Right: Joanne's winning entry, this award was also Sponsored by Tony Piccolo.

Walter Gray's painting

Walter Gray a long standing member of The Gawler Community
Gallery receives his Award for his Beautiful Watercolour, sponsored by 'Dial A Picture Framer'
A painting of a Gawler History building. (my apologies I haven't got an accurate title for this one)

Marzena Kaczmanek receives her Award
 for The Hanging Textile Section.

Marzena's winning Textile entry

The winning Textile  by Marzena, and sponsored by Kornacraft.

Ron Brooks winning Entry.
Mixed Media- Flaura and Fauna section. 

Ron Brooks also a long time member of the gallery wins the Flora/Fauna
prize proudly sponsored by Vadoulis Plant Nursery.

On the right- Mayor Brian Sambell and President Mr Ron Brooks relaxing in between duties at the opening.

The Lovely Youth Award Winner for age group 10 to 14 years is Miss Georgia Samsonenko.  She did a most advanced painting of a Collie for her age.
Her prize was sponsored by Ned's of Gawler.
Here she is proudly with her painting.

The Youth Award Winner for age group 15 to 18 years was Master Jesse Crow presented and Sponsored by Patricia Dent of
'Sancturary Of Hair and Beauty' Gawler. Jesse's entry was a small sculpture.
Congratulations to both of our young entrants.

 Finally The Award for any Medium Other than Watercolour was Helen Peter. A beautiful piece, of reflected Trees, sponsored by 'Adelaide Road Clinic'

Rhonda Feitz receives her Merist Award
from Mayor Brian Sambell. 

And now here are a few of the Award Merits given out to worthy     recipients.

Textile by Rhonda Feitz

Carol Coventry
Tony Smith

Stewart Barr
Glenys Parker


The 'People's Choice'  Award will be presented on September 21st at 3pm, once all votes are counted.
The viewing public determine the winner of this category, so all the very best of luck to all our participating artists.

The quality of work presented this year is excellent, and The Gawler Community Gallery thank all Entrants for their efforts in presenting and entering their beautiful Art works.
There have been good sales which also reflects the above statement.


Before I go tonight I would like to remind everyone that next weekend is Father's Day, so why not come on in and visit us, you might just find exactly what you are looking for, for your Special, Father, or Grandfather.  There are not many raffle tickets left either, so good luck to all those who have tickets, may yours be the winning one.
The 'Fun For Father' Father's Day Raffle will be drawn at Noon on Thursday 4th of September. Just in time for you to collect your prize to give the Lucky Dad/Father next Sunday.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gawler Art Award

Grand Opening

It has been a very busy day at the Gallery with 2 Touring Coaches stopping for a break this morning and most of their occupants visiting us.
While I put the finishing touches to the 'Fathers Day' Raffle Prizes, 2 of our lovely volunteers took care of the Shop, and another put together several lovely Flower vases in readiness for the opening later in the day.
Our caterer arrived close to lunch time to prepare the nibble platters in readiness also.
all looked fresh and yummy.                                                
Then our very talented Secretary arrived and placed all the Prize Cards onto the Winners Art works.

All set for the many people expected to attend the opening and viewing of the MANY, MANY,  Beautifully executed paintings and Textiles that fill the 4 rooms of our lovely Gawler Community Gallery for the next 6 weeks.

I have several photos which, sadly, need some editing before I can proceed to post them here for you all. I can however leave you with a view of a section of our visitors at the opening ceremony and a lovely collage photo by Thelma Kirkwood (our Exhibition Co-ordinator), showing speeches in progress.
I will post more photos and details of the Prize Winners as soon as possible.
Cheers for now Admin Dianne

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gallery News

Our Intrepid Publicity Officer has been very busy promoting the Gallery, which she does very well. Recently she was caught in action at the local Community Radio Station in Salisbury, so I thought I would share these snapshots with you.

Every month, Judy does an interview update of all that is current at the Gallery, she also gets lots of newspaper coverage for us. Is seemingly tireless in her efforts to promote The Gawler Community Gallery Inc.
 Having been with the gallery from it's inception as part of "Arts Action" back in 2006 Judy has been very pro-active in volunteering her time in the interests of The Arts within Gawler.
Without the efforts of many such people we would not have the Quality Gallery that we have today.
 Many Thanks Judy and all those who contribute their time and efforts to bring the public a beautifully displayed Gallery full of Art in 6 week blocks throughout every year.

Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of:- 'The Gawler Biannual Art Awards' a prestigious event open to  any artist, with 5 prize categories to choose from for entrants, and 3 Major award prizes including The Brian Mahoney Award.
These awards have now been judged and the prizes will be awarded tomorrow at the opening. There is also a 'People's Choice Award' which is calculated by your votes and presented at the end of the Exhibition.
We would love to see you all tomorrow so come on out and enjoy the company of others, we open at 9AM and the opening is at 2 PM.
We also have our Fun For Fathers, Fathers Day Raffle with 3 prizes ranging in value from over $50 to over $250.  Tickets are only $1 each. You have to be in it to win it.
Prizes will be drawn on the Thursday prior to Fathers Day.
Our next News Letter will be out shortly also.
Cheers. For now, Dianne Blog Admin.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Raffle Sponsors

Father's Day Raffle.

All you Fathers out there can look forward to the possibility of winning, One Of Three- 'fun for father Packs'

from Mitre 10 Salisbury
The generosity of Mitre 10 Hardware, at Park Terrace, Salisbury sees us with a fabulous- Fish Finder- (this is an electronic gadget) which I am sure all you Fishermen out there would know about. I'm told they are very good.

Thanks also go out to the Management of The Criterion Hotel Gawler.  Sharon and John have donated a $50 meal voucher, so Mum's you can take Dad out for a lovely Dinner, (I can personally recommend their meals)Located at- 18 Nineteenth St, Gawler South SA 5118.  Ph: 08 8522 1922.

The wonderful Erminio, Karen, Vicki and the rest of the team from United Discount Chemist on John Rice Avenue at Elizabeth Vale, have again donated goods. 
They include Thermal Drinking Glasses, Gloves, Skillet Pan, Sharpening Steel, a lovely Photo frame and an Ornament.

The Management of The Gawler Cinema, has very kindly donated a Family Pass, this is a Day or Night out at the Movies- for 2 Adults and 2 Children, how wonderful would that be!  You will find them at- 11 Murray Street, Gawler 5118, S.A. Phone: 08 8523 1633 for movie times and what's on.

from Shaver Shop Tea Tree Plaza

 Gavin and his well trained staff from The Shaver Shop at Tea Tree Plaza, have donated a lovely Travel Shaver, which by the way can be charged by using a USB.

Member Donations
Our members assist us by donating goods also and at present we have BBQ tools, a beautiful Painting of Frogs waiting for a new home, Hand Turned wooden pen set and Chocolate. yum!
You never know what other great things we will have, by Father's Day to make your day with the family complete!

Friday, July 04, 2014



Dave from  'Dial A Picture Framer' at Salisbury East, visits the gallery on the 2nd Saturday of each month for all your Faraming needs, whether it is a new Matt, completed Frame or extra Frames to have on hand, Dave will advise you and gives our gallery members a fixed discount.
He is usually available between 11 and 12, however you can always call the gallery prior to your visit to ensure he will be there.


It is coming along slower than we would like. WE would like to have this ready for sale before Christmas this year.

This is a call to all our members to supply a favourite RECIPE to go into a self published Cook book to help raise funds for the gallery.
we could use more Savoury Recipes in particular please.
Contact our secretary via email ( phone:8252 3564)or leave details in her pigeon hole at the gallery. A good quality photo, either printed or emailed of your own personally made, favourite Art works would be appreciated also so that we can showcase our wonderful gallery within the pages of the cook book.


We will soon have the details for you all of our updated Shop Policy. This is all about how to present your work in a proffessional manner and make the running of the Shop easier for all of us.


If as a gallery member you have your own Art page, blog or web site, and would like it to be added to the Gallery Blog, please contact myself (Dianne), with your information OR leave a message through the Blog via the COMMENT section at the bottom of each page post.


Colleen has either posted or emailed your latest newsletter in the last week, it is also available here on the Blog.
If you have any exhibitions, news, tips, or Questions suitable to add to our news letter, please contact Colleen a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the next round of Exhibition Openings.
Please refer to the Exhibition Calandar for those dates- availavle both here on the Blog and in the Gallery.

We have 3 New Exhibitions opening this Sunday, so please feel free to pop on out,  several of our members are involved in private exhibitions this time. (Amity, also Animal Expo and also G.A.S.)   Entry is Free to all and suitable for all ages.

I hope to see you there, Admin Dianne

Monday, June 30, 2014

Gallery News

Ellen Steyn- Animal Expo

photos coming soon

Amity Exhibition:

Amity has sent us an Invitation for their coming 9th Exhibition at the Gawler Community Gallery, and have informed us of an ERROR in the TIME for their GRAND OPENING.
It is due to be opened at 2pm, by Mrs Joanne Hughes, NOT as stated on their Invitation or poster.
Thank you AMITY, we wish you every success for your exhibition.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's Coming Soon?

July/August Exhibitions

A few sneak peaks to temp you all.

Now in it's Ninth year of continuous Exhibiting in the Lovely Gawler Community Gallery, this great group started out with 6 members and due to retirement they are now down to 4.
by Carol Clue
by Brian Windebank

However this hasn't stopped them from providing us with a   colourful collection of NEW work.    With a collective of 96 years of experience in the arts, it will be difficult to decide which one to take home and enjoy as your very own, made with creative vision and love. 


 As usual Ellen will delight everyone with her life like paintings of Animals, from wild creatures to your best friend, come along and choose one of her wonderful pieces to grace your Lounge or Entry.  Ellen excels in her ability to interpret the expression in each animals eyes and facial features.

The Gawler Art Society has many members, they meet weekly for painting sessions and have people come in to give talks and also provide the odd one day Master Class. What a great way to make friends and pick up new ideas.
They will have 2 rooms this year and exhibit with us regularly. There will be a diverse range of artistic style and topic on display by this very talented group.

The openings for these exhibitions are currently planned for on Sunday the 6th of July, at The Gawler Community Gallery, Station Master's House, 23rd Street, Gawler South.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gallery News

News Flash !! 

With the change over of exhibitions a few weeks ago the "People's Choice Award" was finally able to be calculated for the 'Mother' Exhibition. The lucky winner was Laura Wright. congratulations Laura, a beautiful little painting titled- 'Mother's Cradle'.

Photographic Exhibition Prize Winners, are listed in the Post titled- 'Exhibition Openings'

Our last 2 raffles were a huge success

and we are well on track to having another great one, with quite a few Wonderful donations from Local Sponsors already. 

We would like to THANK those wonderful businesses for their New and Renewed support, it means a great deal to the Gallery.

Father's Day Raffle.

All you Fathers out there can look forward to the possibility of winning,

a lovely Shaver, from The Shaver Shop at Tea Tree Plaza,
a Fish Finder (electronic gadget) from Mitre 10 Salisbury,

donated by Mitre 10 Salisbury
meal voucher at the lovely Criterion Hotel (I can personally recommend their meals),
a Night out at the Movies- Family Pass at the Gawler Cinema,

Member Donations include BBQ tools, and there is a beautiful  Painting of Frogs waiting for a new home.

The wonderful United Discount Chemist at Elizabeth Vale is again donating goods, which at this time are unavailable to list.

donated by Shaver Shop Tea Tree Plaza

You never know what other great things we will have, to make your day with the family complete!