Thursday, January 16, 2014


 Canvas Exhibition, Theme this year is"MOTHER"

and is scheduled to open on - February 27th running until April 6th.

My appology's I had this listed as a MEMBER only Exhibition, however it is actually OPEN, so anyone can enter.

Canvases can be purchased at the Gallery as in previous years with a cost of only $10- which also includes your Entry Fee.
Just remember to INCLUDE the word "Mother" in the title to be eligible to enter.

  • This is an OPEN  exhibition so if you wish to join in, pop along to the gallery or phone the Shop Coordinator or Secretary for information. To become a member contact the Secretary. All details can be found in our "Page Header" or in the "Committee" page in the selection bar at the top of the page.


 Ron Brooks, Thelma Kirkwood and the rest of the hanging team for undertaking this monumental task of hanging the "Three Well Known Australians" Exhibition. I understand that these panels are very heavy, so job well done ! and it looks very smart too.

and another  HUGE THANKS TO: Colleen and Sylvia.

Our new Secretary and her assistant have been working tirelesely in the office, archiving the mountain paperwork we have accumulated over the years, and updating all the items which we use on a regular basis.
As volunteers, we should all now find it a whole easier to find all those little things that we need during the coarse of a day at the Gallery. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot Weather Notification & Exhibition Update


Due to the current heat wave of 40 to 46 degrees the Gallery is CLOSED until Saturday the 18th January.

Our Hot Weather Policy for the protection of our Volunteers and Visitors alike, is that we are closed on days when the forecast is predicted to be over 35 degrees !!!

We hope that you are all keeping Cool & well Hydrated.


Hello ALL,  we have unfortunately had one of our exhibitors pull out at the last minute due to some personal issue.

Brian Cabrera will NOT be exhibiting at this time. Let us hope that we can get him back soon to view his lovely work.

In the mean time: 
 Shirley Phillips beautiful Silk and Embroidery works are now in the "Tea & Sugar" Exhibition Room, with the opening set for this Sunday the 19th January.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

2014 first Exhibition

Three Well Known Australians

Grand Opening:  Sunday January 19th 2014 at 2pm.
To be opened by: M.P. Mr Tony Piccolo.
Free Entry,  All welcome.

Who Are: the "Three Well Known Australians", in this painting?    

Time for an update (23/01/14)

Opening Day

All went well, with a lovely crowd in attendance. We thank Tony Picolo for taking time out of his very busy schedule to give the opening speech.
Now for a few photos so you can see what this is all about.
some of the guests at the opening

Hundreds of thousands, of Australians have been trying to guess this since 1983.
This is a special painting, coming to Gawler in January 2014, as part of a unique travelling exhibition that has been to galleries all around Australia over the past 30 years!
M.P. Mr Tony Picolo with Joanne Hughes
discussing the painting at the opening.

Sydney artist, Martin Shaw, asks those who see the picture -“Three Well Known Australians”, to attempt to name the three prominent Australians he has depicted in his painting. 

Some of the Year Books

Some of Australia’s most prominent citizens have responded to the challenge,  including our Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who wrote his response to the painting 20 years ago.
All their responses, comments and letters will be on display as part of the exhibition, and YOU the viewing public are invited to be a part of this, by participating in a special historic and cultural adventure, and making your best guess as to who these Famous Aussies may be. 
A VERY small portion of the letters on display
People’s comments have been compiled into yearbooks since 1983 and these will also be on display  for you to view. 
( No doubt there will be a lot of interesting guesses and comments listed)

You can’t afford to miss seeing this very special and different event in the Art World! 
It is curious, humorous, mysterious and entertaining.                       

  • This is not the only new Exhibition holding it's opening on January 19th. We will also have another important artist opening her exciting new Exhibition. 

 Shirley Phillips presents:   Dreams and Gothic Interpretations

Close up of a part of one of Shirley's
lovely embroidery work
Silk Embroidery painting

Shirley works with Silk, creating paintings with her machine embroidery.  

These photos only give a small glimpse of her work.

They don't do justice to the precision which is evident, and required in these stunning works of art. Shirley is a very talented Artist.

This will certainly be an exceptional Exhibition, NOT to be missed!

We look forward to seeing you all during the next 6 weeks.
as above