Monday, September 29, 2014

New Exhibitions Open

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Liz receives her prize
Congratulations to Liz Collinge and Steve Oatway for their winning entries in the Reduce, ReUse, Recycle Exhibition, which opened yesterday.
By Liz Collinge

There was a good crowd of visitors for the opening and on a lovely spring day it was a good time for all.

Items on Exhibit RRR
Steve Oatway receives prize

Items on exhibit RRR
Items shown from the Reduce, ReUse, Recycle Exhibition which opened yesterday at The Gawler Community Gallery.

There is an amazing variety of found object which have been carefully and cleverly crafted into items of beauty which can now have another use in someone's home.

Textile Group pieces

The wonderful work of The Textile group is back again with some very different items for you to view and purchase this time round.

And not forgeting the lovely prayer flags on the left.

Just look at those perfect points in the Red Textile on the right.

We have the very talent Lorraine Winchester, and Heather Garfield who produce the most amazing Floral and Animals paintings in watercolour. Such lovely fresh crisp and vibrant work.

Last but by no means least we also have Carol Clues Exhibition.
Carol is a very versitile Artist who produces work in several Medium. I am currently waiting for photos of Carols lovely work.

All Artwork is for sale and with Christmas coming up fast upon us it is time to start planning for those special gifts for a very special someone in your life.

More updates again soon, cheers for now Admin Di

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