Friday, October 17, 2014


A.G.M. and Members CHRISTMAS gathering.

Meeting Date is - 6th November 2014

The Gawler Community Gallery A.G.M will be held at 12 noon, at 'The Criterion Hotel' on the corner of Twenty Third Street, oposite the Railway station and our Gallery.
You are welcome to join us for lunch, (the MORE the MERRIER)which we will order before the start of the meeting.
Please Note that we need a minimum of 2 new Committee Members for the coming year as some people will be retiring due to family commitments or health.

If you are interested please contact one of our current committee members and they will talk you through what the positions entail.  We WILL NOT leave you high and dry, ALL current out going committee are more than willing to assist you where necessary to help you in your new role.

We really need new blood on the committee. For a few reasons; Firsly without a full committee we cannot operate as stated in our Constitution and the gallery would soon disappear.
Secondly new blood means NEW ideas, and these are always worth looking into and pursuing. I know that we have a wealth of very talented members out there who's help would be invaluable.


You can either nominate yourself, or nominate another member for a position on the committee. Download the Nomination Form here. We are looking for people to fill the role or assist "Shop Co-ordinator and also the Gallery Publicity Officer.

Speaking for myself (Dianne Vagg) I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Shop Co-ordinator, it has been exhausting for me as I also look after the Blog pages, have done the Raffles this year and my own art pages, leaving little time for actual artistic pursuits. At home I am my husbands Carer, and that needs more attention now than before. I also have several of my own health issues and am not getting any younger - chuckle.
I do want, and will, remain active at the gallery, so will continue doing my bit on the roster and also the Blog.  I am only a phone call or email away to assist whoever takes over from me.

I am not the only person resigning this year and I would like to thank the remainder of the Committee for their wonderful work, and their everlasting energy and commitment to the tasks they have taken on. 
Many of these people have been on the committee since the Gallerys inception back in 2006 and they deserve a well earned break,
Cheers to all and I hope to see a great turn up at the A.G.M / Christmas Lunch. Dianne

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

What IS a Miniature

What Is a Miniature Painting?

As the next round of exhibitions; includes a Members' MINIATURE Exhibition, I thought that it might be helpful to have a little look at what we call a miniature.

The next round opens on; 6th November 2014
and the Entry Closing Date is; 4pm, 23rd October 2014. Late Entries cannot be accepted.

The organisers need time to list all entry details and produce the Catalogue which is very time consuming, so be sure that ALL your details are correct at the time of entry.

Now back to our MINIATURE's. Some may feel a little confused by this.

What is a Miniature you may ask. Well.....

Here at The Gawler Community Gallery we have decided to go with an overall MAXIMUM size of 5x5 inches, or 25  Square Inches.  Which is to say that 25 x 1 inch squares will fit into your square or rectangle, which then equals 5 x 5 inches maximum.
clear as mud eh!  

The upshot is that as long as one inch squares total no more than 25 then your work will fit the requirement as a miniature regardless of whether it is actually a SQUARE or a RECTANGLE,  or indeed if it is smaller than 5x5 inch, it is still acceptable.

What about overall size ?

What the.....I hear you say. 

Well again, As long as the painting itself is the correct measurement, then the frame can be 10 inch x 14 inch if you want, (or any size which enhances your work) so long as it has been mounted properly within the frame on mounting board.  The painting may be dead centre, high, or low in the mount, or even offset to one side.

I hope this has been of some use to you all.
We still have some miniature Canvases available through the Gallery Shop,
and you still have PLENTY of time to produce something, with 3 weeks yet until entries close.

Happy painting, I am looking forward to seeing everyones bright ideas and different finishes, in the Medium of your choice.
Cheers from Blog Admin Di