Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Exhibition Openings

Opening from January 15th to February 22nd are:

Youth Unframed

Prize Winners
Entries to this age categorized exhibition were slow to start with and took of right near closing date, this meant that we would have a nice variety of art from Students in the surrounding area.
Gawlers' Lady Mayor Karen Redman opened the 'Youth Unframed' Exhibition and assisted with the giving of prizes on Sunday 18th January. Judging for Youth Unframed was by Mrs Ellen Steyn.

First Prize
10 - 14 Age Group 

10 - 14 years - Age Group Winners are:

1st - 'Black Collie' by Bridie Bunker.  
Judge's comment Striking - expression wonderful

2nd - 'Egyption Mummy'  by Isla Paterson  
Judge's comment - stands out, drawing and colour execution

3rd - 'Illusion' by Georgia Samsonenko 
Judge's comment - the play of colour and lines

Second Prize
10-14 Age Group

Third Prize
10-14 Age Group

Congratulations to ALL the Prize Winners, and also to those who recieved Merit or Encouragement Awards.

It was lovely to see so much diversity and colour produced by all those who had the courage to take part in the Youth Exhibition,                   WELL done everyone.
We hope to see many more entries next time round.

15-18 years -
First Prize
15-18 Age Group

1st  'Iridescent'  by Delaini Gates, 
Judge's comment - and detail really well captured

2nd ' Sunset on the Birdsville Track'  by Katrina 
Judge's comment - colour, composition well executed

3rd 'Asunder'  by Delaini Gates, 
Judge's comment -  light captured well

Third Prize
15-18 Age Group
Second Prize
15-18 Age Group

Joanne Emery' from Wasleys

Exhibition  Titled:  'Feathers and Fur' 

is in the 'Tea and Sugar" room downstairs.
She presents us with animals and birds in all shapes, colours,
and sizes, this is a colourful eclectic exhibition,
to be enjoyed by all.

Joanne also has a table display with several of her ‘candles in tea-cups’ which were very well received, by the many friends and family who came along to celebrate the official opening of her exhibition.

Art-works by the Management

The Galleries New Committee has decided to share some of their own favourite Art work with us, and to this end we have a beautiful exhibition in the 'Overland' room upstairs. This Exhibition includes a variety of Media.
For example Acrylic, Textile and Watercolour.

These works are by: President -Ron Brook, Secretary - Colleen Gates, Treasurer - Ellen Steyn,
Program Co-0rdinator - Thelma Kirkwood,  Roster Manager - Joanne Hughes, 
Shop Co-0rdinator -  Laura Wright, Publicity Officer - Anne Wilson, and GHS shared role - Lorrainne Winchester

Unfortunately Jelina Haines has had to postpone her exhibition   
We hope to see your work soon Jelina. 

 In the meantime we have extended our lovely SHOP, into the 'Red Hen' room downstairs, which means the shop now includes both the Left and Right hand rooms as you enter the Gallery.

Why not come in and check out our wonderful shop.  See our Shop page for photos and updates.

Cheers and see you all again soon Dianne Admin

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

October, November 2014

News from around AGM Time 2014 

With the AGM in our minds, during October and early November we needed to say our goodbyes and good wishes to a few committee members.
We had three members leaving the committee this year. They are as follows: 
Judy, doing a radio interview
 as part of her promotion
work for the gallery.
Judy Ferguson, who has played a Major role in the set up and running of the gallery right from its inception back in 2006, and prior, when the group ArtsAction were intent on trying to open a much needed Gallery in Gawler. (There were several other members who also worked hard just like Judy, and are still with us today.  Together they strove to find a location, and set up what we have today.) Over the years Judy has been our President and also out Publicity Officer, she will be very much missed. We wish you a happy and crafty retirement Judy.

Sue Olds and Dianne Vagg have given a lot of time and effort to the Gallery but their personal commitments now make it impossible for them to continue. They will remain helpful members!
Sue looked after the Gawler Hospital Exhibition space, while Dianne was our Shop Co-ordinator, she also put together our raffles this year and managed to get sponsored prizes from various businesses in the local area.
I would also like to say a Big Thanks to the remainder of the committee, for their invaluable efforts and support during this past year, and in particular to our Secretary Colleen, who has initiated and carried out Many, Many, upgrades and reforms to our much needed infrastructure. All with the express aim of making it easier for future committee's and members to run the gallery.

There are also others, who are not actually on the committee who help the gallery in many ways. One of whom is Pat Low who regularly does the flowers and catering for  Gallery Exhibitions. She is very much appreciated, as are others such as Ken Hughes. I have no doubt there are others whose names I do not have. Rest assured you are ALL valued and appreciated in what you do.

2014 has been a VERY busy year and we are all looking forward to 2015.

A Little Reminder of our Roots.

From Colleen Gates;
I am always amazed when I see the hanging system, which was devised and installed by members’ husbands, and how they managed on a shoe-string budget to get it prepared for the first opening,
Whilst not a very clear photo,
this is from the Bunyip,
back in 2006, announcing that the Gallery
had found a home.
Showing several of the early members.
(It needs upgrading now – Oh for hooks without screws that bite into your fingers)
Most of the hard work is done – the foundation members with their enthusiasm and hard work have created a pretty good venue for members. 

Remember it is YOUR Gallery, Fresh ideas are essential,  – no one should be afraid of good changes that will make the running of the gallery easier and more efficient. Colleen

Our New Committee for 2015

President: Ron Brook 
Vice President: Joanne Hughes
Treasurer: Ellen Steyn
Secretary: Colleen Gates
Programme Manager: Thelma Kirkwood
Shop Co-ordinator: Laura Wright
Roster Co-ordinator: Joanne Hughes
Publicity Officer: Anne Wilson
Minutes Secretary: Sylvia Bolding
G.H.S. exhibition: Ron Brook and Lorraine Winchester
Newsletter Editor: Gayl Baehnisch.

Whilst not considered committee positions; Dianne Vagg continues to look after our Blog, Thelma Kirkwood our Face Book page, and Pat Lowe the Catering and Flowers for Exhibition Openings.
As a member; If you have an exhibition or information you wish to share just email me, my details are at the gallery or you can message me from here.
Admin Dianne

Friday, January 16, 2015

From December 2014

Attention Please

18-1-15 Update

I have updated the MEMBERSHIP PAGE as their have been a few changes here. Please take the time to read these and become aquanted with the new Policy changes, as there will be a small fine if you delay your renewals beyond the beginning of March.
This is to cover Extra administration required to process them.
Please note- that we have looked into this carefully and have found that Most Galleries do this.

16-1-15 Updaate
Newsletters and Exhibition Calendars have both been updated today.
All the NEWSLETTERS are now online and the  Exhibition Calendar for this year is now available for you to make forthcoming plans. select Link to view: CALENDAR 2015

Cheers from GCG Admin, Dianne

25-1-15 Update

November 6th to January 11th Exhibitions

Yvonne Jaunnay - Jewellery and Textiles Exhibition

held in the "Red Hen" room oposite the shop. Yvonne has a flare for display and all her beautiful jewellery looked fantastic, with a modern style and bright colours, she had several sales throughout December. Congratulations Yvonne.

Gallery Members End Of Year Exhibition,

We held this one upstairs, in the 'Overland' and 'Ghan' rooms. There were a lot of entries, which were both very diverse, and beautifully executed as you can see here.
Our members provide us with quite a variety of talent, with not only Paintings, but sculpture, Jewellery and Wood Turning to name a few.
All these exhibitions roll over into January, as we close for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year.

Miniature Exhibition by Members,

This was held in the Christmas shop and there were many wonderful pieces of art. I think we had over 70 entries.

The Imagination of people never ceases to amaze me.

There were many different sizes and shapes, when it came to the finish of these magical little gems of work.


The appeal for the public was equally diverse,
ranging from the young to the very old.


What a wonderful gift these would make.

 I know I couldn't stick with just one, there were so many that I would happily have on my dresser at home.

People's Choice Winner for
Miniature Exhibition.

We ran a People's Choice Award for this exhibition, and our very own Presidents' piece was the Winner.
The award was presented to Ron by; Gawler's Lady Mayor - Karen Redman.       Congratulations Ron.

As a quick reminder; We close when the forecast temperature for the day is to reach 35 degrees or more. 
This is due to our Heritage Building having NO airconditioning, 
to keep our volunteers cool and well cared for.
We appologise for this but it is however out of our hands. 
Due to the Heritage listing we are not allowed to add it either.


Welcome Back to the 'Gawler Community Gallery' Blog.

I really MUST apologise for being away so long, there have just been so so many things happening in this volunteer's personal life. I do hope that you will forgive me.
I am back now and looking forward to a GREAT 2015 at the Gallery and with YOU - ALL our Friends!

To start with I would like to say that I hope you ALL had a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I know that I did, with my lovely grown up girlS, their Families and all the Grand Children.

As I am quite a long way behind with Gallery happenings and updates, I will post appropriate articles in order, starting with news from November last year.
These will appear as I get them done, which will not be too far in the future - I promise you !

Before I go today, I would like to share with you, some figures pertaining to the visitors we have had here on our Blog.

As we know I have not been back since October, and yet, as we see from the chart above, we are still getting SUBSTANTIAL VISITS to our blog and I THANK you ONE and ALL for you CONTINUING SUPPORT...
The Peaks of this graph indicate numbers of between 30 and 45 per day., the troughs are still registering - 1 visit, up to 10 visits per day. This is lovely to see.
We are also getting the majority of our visits from Australia (as we should) but also from the - USA, UK, France, Russia, Germany, India, Poland, Indonesia and Italy.

I must say it IS nice to see that we are reaching such a wide and varied Audience.

Feel free to leave a comment on our blog. in the space provided, we would love to hear from you.
cheers for now Dianne, Blog Admin'