Monday, February 09, 2015

Shop & Member News

We have extended our lovely SHOP, 

Into the 'Red Hen' room downstairs, which means the shop now includes both the Left and Right hand rooms as you enter the Gallery.
Why not come in and check out our wonderful shop.  See our Shop page for photos and updates.

Members may put extra work in now and it can be left to be rotated on an as needs basis. 

 All we ask you to do is help by keeping your consignment books up to date and do a regular stock take as we now have around 70 people with stock in the shop. (Ask LAURA WRIGHT  the Shop Co-0rdinator for more details.)  


Example of display for
junior work which is unframed.
Please take the time to  become aquanted with the new Policy changes regarding membership.See the  MEMBERSHIP PAGE as there will be a small fine if you delay your renewals beyond the beginning of March.    This is to cover Extra administration required to process them.


The Committee has added a new category- 

We now have JUNIOR MEMBER - AGE under 18 years.  $5.00 year.  Gallery Room Hire  is the same as for adults, as it is already discounted.   

We will have a special area above the Cards, in the Hallway for Junior work that is unframed,   and will use a hessian hanging over that area, as we did for the Junior open exhibition last year.


have been updated and now consist of individual days, (Thurs' Fri' Sat', and Sun')
Little jobs were added on each one for all of us.  It is working very well, and I am sure it makes the Shop Coordinators job a whole lot easier.  Thanks Colleen, brilliant idea.


We will be running a Mother's Day Raffle again this year, along with a Father's Day and Christmas one. We are asking our members to be generous once again and donate items suitable to be included in any of these.
Here are a few ideas - books, perfume, soap, candles, jewellery, bags, Movie Tickets, Chocolate perhaps, little tools, nail polish, wallet-men or woman's, scarves, hats any other great ideas.


Did you know ????  2016 marks our 10th Year of operating as 'THE GAWLER COMMUNITY GALLERY INC,' in the 'Old Station Masters' House,' at the Gawler Railway Station, Gawler South????? 


How about sending in some ideas for celebrating this milestone and wishing us many more wonderful years to come !!!!!

 todays' update is 6-2-15.                 Contact the Secretary - Colleen Gates


As a part of this we are in the process of producing a Recipe Book to mark our progress over the years.

Colleen has been working very hard during 2014 to get this project under way,  and had hoped to print before Christmas.   Unfortunately, as does happen, Time got away. The Committee very much wants to get this project moving along to its full completion, as soon as may be possible.


We ARE still in need of:  YOUR FAVOURITE RECIPE,  and also a GOOD QUALITY PHOTO of one of Your favourite  ART PIECES,- it can be a painting, pottery, photography, textile, jewellery, statue etc, AS LONG AS YOU CREATED IT. It can also be a sold or commissioned piece. (This is to be printed next to, or under your Recipe.) Please also include a little note- either about yourself or the art work you are providing.  

We need you to get excited about creating a SPECIAL RECIPE BOOK which we can SELL, to NOT ONLY raise money for future Gallery requirements, BUT also to PROMOTE both the GALLERY and our ARTIST'S WORK.  

And that means ALL OF YOU!!!  

We are lucky enough to have well OVER 100 VERY TALENTED artists registered as members of our WONDERFUL and VERY Charming Historic Gallery, so we really could put together a very comprehensive book.