Monday, May 25, 2015

Exhibition Opening

Held on Sunday 24th May 2015

Photos showing the Official Openings along with- Opening speeches, crowd in attendance and some of the artists and their work. These exhibitions are open until June 28th.
Joanne Hughes Gallery Committee, introducing Heather Garfield.
President Ron Brook in attendance

Opening speeches with the Exhibiting Artists 

Some of the attendant visitors at the openings

Jeff Guess, local poet, giving opening speech
 for Heather Garfield's  "Salt Water" exhibition

Glenys Leske with her wonderful textile work

Owen Jones, well known for his Landscapes and abstract work.
There is a wide variety of art in this current round of exhibitions, pop on out and see for yourself the diversity of our talented Exhibitors.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exhibitions Openings

This Week End

My appologies for being so behind with information for the Gawler Community Gallery.

Currenttly there are a lot of people on the sick list, myself included.

I will however do my best to bring you all up to date with all the news and views coming up in the next couple  of months.

Exhibitions about to Open are:-

The following Exhibitions are all Opening this Sunday 24th of May, at 2 pm.

Heather Garfield, Titled: 'Salt Water' in the Tea & Sugar Room.

Heather is having  local poet/writer Jeff Guess, speak at the opening of her exhibition.  An exciting exhibition to explore. It will be appreciated by anyone with a love of the sea. Heather’s watercolours are always a delight, she has a lovely individual style which is very fresh and vibrant.
No Photos available at this time.

Owen Jones Titled: ‘The Diversity of Owen Jones Art’ in the Ghan Room.

Owen will be showing landscapes, seascapes and abstract works. He is an ex-stockman who is a self-trained artist He has won awards and had many solo shows with lots of sales.

Ron Brooks: in the ‘Overland’ Room. (Title unknown)

He told our News Editor that "he has been exploring 'mythological themes and creatures', and extending his knowledge. We are used to seeing Ron’s exquisite flowers and birds in watercolour. He has such technical expertise and experience so I am very excited to see what he comes up with".
No hpotos available at this time.

 Glenys Leske Titled: ‘Landscapes’ by Glenys Leske' in the Red Hen Room.

Glenys lives in Berri, S.A, she is a long- term member of the Embroiderer’s Guild, S.A. Lace Guild and Foundation Member of Riverland Textile artists. 
Her landscapes are created with layered fabrics and machine embroidery, stitches en masse to give texture and perspective. Her work is a wonder to behold.
No photos available at this time.

Glenys has exhibited with us in the past and anyone who has seen her work has been enthralled, amazed and delighted at what can be achieved by this method of- (if you like painting a scene.)

Our Erstwhile hanging team. 

Current Exhibitions

My appologies for being so behind with information for the Gawler Community Gallery.

Currenttly there are a lot of people on the sick list, myself included.

I will however do my best to bring you all up to date with all that  has been happening at he Gallery in the lst few months.

First the Mothers' Day Raffle Prize Winners - 1st prize- Alan Polkinghorne, 2nd prize - Jack Herlihen, 3rd prize - Jan Garner. Congratulations to all, I am sure the prizes were very well recieved by the respective Mother's,  and a Very Belated Happy Mother's Day to all.

The Following Exhibitions were opened on the 11th April and will close on the 17th of May.

Open Photographic Exhibition, Winner : Elise Eiffe with ‘Orange Poppy’.  
You will have to see this one at the Gallery to see how Elise has captured  the essence of this poppy. 
The second prize: went to Paul Johnson for his ‘Redcapped Robin’.  
These photographers  excel in patience as well as skill.

Hippy Divas by Portia Stanton Noble and and Pamela Zanker,
have a quirky, interesting collection of work in their ‘Hippie Diva Exhibition’.

Portia with her photos of the Sirens of the Vine are a delight of cheekiness. The vineyards and the juxtaposition of pretty models is quite fetching.

Pamela’s work shows such variety and ingenuity.  These are mostly abstract works and are definitely worth the visit to see them.

The Open History Exhibition
There is a vast variety of style, technique and subject entered into this exhibition all showing many aspects of South Australian History.
The Prize for this exhibition will be decided by 'People's Choice' by a counting of votes at the closing of the exhibition period on 17th of May. The winner will be announced here on the blog in the next post.

Member Information.
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