Monday, July 27, 2015

Request From Committee

Following are Portions of an email; 

quoted as sent to the committee a few days ago.

Please read, and where interested in taking part, follow the links provided.
I understand that this strategy is to benefit the Arts community in Gawler so your input would be very much appreciated. There is also a poster for this, you will need to follow the link below.
I have just completed the survey, it is easy to do and your privacy is, I believe, quite safe as you are not asked for personal information.
Regards, Admin Dianne.

"I am just following up from our very brief conversation the other day regarding catching up with the Gawler Community, Gawler Arts and Culture Strategy."

"Just to give you a little bit more information…. The Gawler Council has recruited myself and another colleague - Leonie Boothby to develop an arts and culture strategic plan for Gawler.  As part of the process for developing this plan we are talking with a range of people from the community about current arts activity and resources and what type of support, resources and activities you would like to see in the future."  

I expect that the Community Gallery has tirelessly supported the development of hundreds of exhibitions over the years and there would be an extensive network of artists that have benefitted from the work that you do.  As people who are interested in the Arts and who actively volunteer with a key arts organisation in Gawler, we would very much value your opinion and like to hear what your thoughts and ideas are.

"We are having some public meetings to talk about this also, which I have provided more information about below, but we are keen to personally consult with the Gallery Committee / Members if at all possible."

"We are also presenting a couple of public consultation sessions which your committee or the gallery visitors might be interested in attending
the flyer attached provides you with all the details.  
There is also an online survey that you can fill out - here is the link to it - <>."
 "we would love to get as many people as possible completing the survey and attending the public sessions."

Maz McGann
Consultant // Facilitator // Adviser
Play Your Part

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Few Reminders

Rooms Hire For 2016

We only have five (5) rooms left for hire in 2016.
All available rooms are located upstairs, and the Dates available are;
March 3rd to April 10th, May 26th to July 3rd, September 29th to November 6th. They are all 6 week blocks. Check the Exhibition Calendar page for regular updates.
Please present your Expressions of interest to 'Thelma Kirkwood' at the Gawler Community Gallery, or via this page.   

Did you know the 26th of February 2016 marks the Anniversary of our 10th Year - 
of operating as THE GAWLER COMMUNITY GALLERY INC, in the 'Old Station Masters House,' 
at the Gawler Railway Station, Gawler South?

We  have well OVER 100 VERY TALENTED artists registered as members of our WONDERFUL and VERY Charming Historic Gallery, so we could put together some very impressive celebrations.

We would love you to send in some ideas for celebrating this great achievement and milestone. Please contact secretary - Colleen Gates   so she can put them to the committee. 

Let us all wish the Gawler Community Gallery many more wonderful years to come !!!!!


A project the committee has been working on for some time now is the MEMBERS - RECIPE/ART BOOK 

Colleen has been colating the entries for this during 2014, and  unfortunately, as does happen, time got away, and the Committee very much want to complete this project  as soon as possible.


We ARE CALLING ON ALL MEMBERS as we are still in need of more of  YOUR FAVOURITE RECIPE's,  and a GOOD QUALITY PHOTO of one of Your favourite  ART PIECES. It can be a painting, pottery, photography, textile, jewellery, statue etc, AS LONG AS YOU CREATED IT.  (This is to be printed next to, or under your Recipe.) Please also include a little note- either about yourself or the art work you are providing.  

WE NEED YOU TO GET EXCITED about creating a SPECIAL 'RECIPE BOOK' which we can SELL, to BOTH raise money for future Gallery requirements, and also to PROMOTE the GALLERY and our ARTIST'S WORK.   So please get in touch as soon as possible as we are already half way through the year and these things do take quite a lot of time to prepare and be printed.  

messages can be left here on the Blog or on our Facebook page also. Admin Dianne.


The Committee added a new category at the beginning of the year.

We now have a JUNIOR MEMBER option, - for those UNDER 18 years.  $5.00 year.  Gallery Room Hire  is the same as for adults, as it is already discounted.   

We will have a special area above the Cards, in the Hallway for Junior work that is unframed, and will use a hessian hanging over that area, as we did for the Junior open exhibition last year. To see this refer to our December 2014 to January 2015 blog entries.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exhibition Openings

M.P. Mr Tony Picollo Opens 2 Exhibitions

‘Mosaics’ – ‘As Time Goes By’ exhibition.

Mosaic opening crowd

On Sunday the 5th of July at 2pm, M.P. Mr Tony Picollo opened this vibrant exhibition by the students of Julia Mannix, in one of their upstairs rooms. (The Ghan Room)

 They also have the ‘Overland Room’ across the hall. The opening was 0verflowing with attendees, and the mosaic work presented in these two rooms is of excellent quality and beauty. 

All the pieces are very detailed, and many pieces are 3 D. Job well done Ladies, Congratulations to one and all.

  Amity 10 Years On Exhibition

Following the Mosaics opening Tony proceeded downstairs to officially open ‘AMITY's 10 Years On’ exhibition, which is the Left hand room (Red Hen) as you enter the gallery. 
This is the third time that he has opened for them, and again the room was overflowing with invitees and visitors.

Over the years the group expanded it's numbers temporarily from 6 to 9 then was forced to  reduce them in later years. 

Dorothy Beverly, regretfully left the group due to her advancing years (we hope you are keeping well Dorothy),and greatly respected and loved Phil Bolding sadly passed away as the result of a brain tumour a few years ago. 

The group advises us that they are both still sadly missed.

On a lighter note the friendship of Amity seems to shine through their work. This year there are animals painted by all members and yet they are all so vastly different with each persons individual style being quite obvious. They also have, cards, Unframed work and Jewelry for sale.

M.P. Mr Tony Picollo is a very busy man !

We all very much appreciate the time you have given to the gallery, and its exhibitors over the years Tony, from Amity and all from The Gawler Community Gallery.

Gawler Art Society - G.A.S. Mr Bruce Eastick 

 Finally  at 2.30pm, Mr Bruce Eastick, (Poet and Patron for G.A.S) opened The Gawler Art Society’ (G.A.S) exhibition.

 Held in the downstairs ‘Tea and Sugar’ exhibition room, this too was very well attended. 

Many of the artists in this group are also members of ‘The Gawler Community Gallery’.  

Some of them support us by regularly exhibiting individually, they also have work in the ‘Gallery Shop’, and often sit on the roster as well.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of G.A.S. to share with you.
A very talented group of artists with a huge variety of style, genre and medium.

You really should make every effort to make the visit to Gawler to see all of the Excellent exhibitions that are currently running Thursday to Sunday until the 9th of August.  ALL work in these exhibitions is for sale and would make wonderful gifts or a perfect new addition to your home, and entry is free.

The tally for the day is listed at 64 in the Day Book, however I have been reliably informed that the volunteers lost count at about 2pm. They were so busy with enquiries and sales. So we know that there were a lot more people who came to see the opening of ALL the exhibitions.
Thankyou for visiting our Blog, please take the time to share it wiht others, Admin Dianne.

Recent Recognition

Two of Our Members have success.

Two of our members have had articles published recently in art magazines, this has resulted in an article, in local newspapers about their success.

Lorraine Winchester's artwork is recognised in the 'Australian Artist' magazine, with a botanical piece, called ”Cotoneaster summer 2015”, and followed up in 'The Bunyip' (the Gawler newspaper for those not familiar with our location)
 (I think it was the April edition)

Maxine Donald's efforts were recognised in the Herald, after her art work was  published  in  the 'Creative Artist' magazine. Maxine had a ten page profile in the April Edition, titled 'Believe in Yourself'. 
 There are photos in the newspapers of them both with their articles.

Both are lovely, gentle, and unassuming women,with oh so much talent, and we are very fortunate to have them as members of our Gallery.
Congratulations and well done to you both.
This information was provided by our very competent stand in promotions officer Joanne.