Thursday, July 16, 2015

Exhibition Openings

M.P. Mr Tony Picollo Opens 2 Exhibitions

‘Mosaics’ – ‘As Time Goes By’ exhibition.

Mosaic opening crowd

On Sunday the 5th of July at 2pm, M.P. Mr Tony Picollo opened this vibrant exhibition by the students of Julia Mannix, in one of their upstairs rooms. (The Ghan Room)

 They also have the ‘Overland Room’ across the hall. The opening was 0verflowing with attendees, and the mosaic work presented in these two rooms is of excellent quality and beauty. 

All the pieces are very detailed, and many pieces are 3 D. Job well done Ladies, Congratulations to one and all.

  Amity 10 Years On Exhibition

Following the Mosaics opening Tony proceeded downstairs to officially open ‘AMITY's 10 Years On’ exhibition, which is the Left hand room (Red Hen) as you enter the gallery. 
This is the third time that he has opened for them, and again the room was overflowing with invitees and visitors.

Over the years the group expanded it's numbers temporarily from 6 to 9 then was forced to  reduce them in later years. 

Dorothy Beverly, regretfully left the group due to her advancing years (we hope you are keeping well Dorothy),and greatly respected and loved Phil Bolding sadly passed away as the result of a brain tumour a few years ago. 

The group advises us that they are both still sadly missed.

On a lighter note the friendship of Amity seems to shine through their work. This year there are animals painted by all members and yet they are all so vastly different with each persons individual style being quite obvious. They also have, cards, Unframed work and Jewelry for sale.

M.P. Mr Tony Picollo is a very busy man !

We all very much appreciate the time you have given to the gallery, and its exhibitors over the years Tony, from Amity and all from The Gawler Community Gallery.

Gawler Art Society - G.A.S. Mr Bruce Eastick 

 Finally  at 2.30pm, Mr Bruce Eastick, (Poet and Patron for G.A.S) opened The Gawler Art Society’ (G.A.S) exhibition.

 Held in the downstairs ‘Tea and Sugar’ exhibition room, this too was very well attended. 

Many of the artists in this group are also members of ‘The Gawler Community Gallery’.  

Some of them support us by regularly exhibiting individually, they also have work in the ‘Gallery Shop’, and often sit on the roster as well.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of G.A.S. to share with you.
A very talented group of artists with a huge variety of style, genre and medium.

You really should make every effort to make the visit to Gawler to see all of the Excellent exhibitions that are currently running Thursday to Sunday until the 9th of August.  ALL work in these exhibitions is for sale and would make wonderful gifts or a perfect new addition to your home, and entry is free.

The tally for the day is listed at 64 in the Day Book, however I have been reliably informed that the volunteers lost count at about 2pm. They were so busy with enquiries and sales. So we know that there were a lot more people who came to see the opening of ALL the exhibitions.
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