Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recent Recognition

Two of Our Members have success.

Two of our members have had articles published recently in art magazines, this has resulted in an article, in local newspapers about their success.

Lorraine Winchester's artwork is recognised in the 'Australian Artist' magazine, with a botanical piece, called ”Cotoneaster summer 2015”, and followed up in 'The Bunyip' (the Gawler newspaper for those not familiar with our location)
 (I think it was the April edition)

Maxine Donald's efforts were recognised in the Herald, after her art work was  published  in  the 'Creative Artist' magazine. Maxine had a ten page profile in the April Edition, titled 'Believe in Yourself'. 
 There are photos in the newspapers of them both with their articles.

Both are lovely, gentle, and unassuming women,with oh so much talent, and we are very fortunate to have them as members of our Gallery.
Congratulations and well done to you both.
This information was provided by our very competent stand in promotions officer Joanne.

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