Friday, October 16, 2015

Junior Open

For All Our Budding Young Artists Out There

January 2016 heralds the first round of exhibitions for the year, and we kick it off well with one for our Junior up and coming, school age Artists.
From the Ages of 8 to 17. You are all welcome to enter this exhibition. It could be your best piece for the whole school year, or you might like to try Painting, Photography, Sculpting, Pottery, or Recycle something into an art piece. The choice is yours. There is a small fee to enter, see our Entries Page or click here for the entry form.  A bonus for you all is that you do NOT have to frame your art if you don't want to, BUT it must be for sale. So speak to Mum and Dad, and get them to encourage you to take part as I believe there are a couple of prizes for the best.
Please phone one of the Committee if you have any questions. The best ones are the Secretary or the Program Coordinator.
Admin Dianne
Art Exhibition-
Youth, Open Unframed’
8 years to 17 years
January 21st to February 28th, 2016

4 pm Thursday, 7th January, 2016

Entry forms available at Gallery Shop,

the Gallery Blog or contact Secretary, 8251 3564, Email: 

Good luck everyone, and have a LOT of  fun making your Art pieces.

10 Year Celebrations

Prepare for Celebration

Earlier in the year I mentioned that 'The Gawler Community Gallery' will celebrate it's 10th Year in 2016, of service to the community with beautifully displayed public exhibitions.
As more information comes to light we will inform you.

Celebration will be held on Sunday 7th February 2016

Message from Secretary Colleen; A sub-committee is being formed for the purpose of organizing the celebration. Judy Ferguson has kindly offered to lead the group. If any member who would like to be involved could you please contact a committee member for information.   All help is appreciated. 

You may not believe it, but it is true, that the Art/Recipe book is being proof-read at this moment and should be on the counter in the Gallery Shop within the next few weeks. It has been a long, difficult time getting members to feel willing to submit entries. You are all wonderfully talented people and should feel proud of your efforts.
In November, after the A.G.M. Renewal Invoice/Statements will be sent out to members, some by Email and others posted. Please submit the Membership Renewal Invoice when making payment ensuring that the information on the page is correct. If you receive it by Email and do not have the facilities to print it, please let the Secretary know and he/she will post one to you. Please do not use a Member’s Application form.
"I am sincerely notifying members that I will remain available to help a new secretary in 2016 but I will not be available 2017. I have done my best to ensure that the computer has all the necessary information for an incoming executive officer and I will stay on working for the Gallery in a lesser capacity as long as my health allows".

As you can see Colleen has been very busy indeed. However she has decided to retire her position as Secretary and opt for a somewhat more relaxing time with her family and the gallery.
We wish you well Colleen and thank you for all your efforts, also not forgetting your side kick Sylvia.
Sylvia has been assisting the secretary for the last 2 years with minutes and a LOT of proof reading among other things. Thank you Sylvia.

That's all for now, there will be more as it comes to hand
Admin Dianne

A.G.M. 29th October 7 pm.

7pm Start for AGM. - Helpful Information

*This is a long post today, PLEASE take the time to read it all, as there is a LOT of Important and helpful information.
first posted on 16-10-15
This year there has been both a change of venue, and time in which the AGM will be held.
This is to encourage more people to attend.
Where:  (CWA Hall, Tod Street, Gawler.
When:    7.00pm, on Thursday 29th October.
How is the Committee Formed?  Nomination forms must be filled in suggesting or recommending a person for a particular position. That person must then be approached and asked if they will accept it or not. 
nomination forms are attached to the bottom of the September Newsletter which is here on the blog, click on the link above or go to the Newsletter page.
This can be done prior to the AGM, or at the beginning of the meeting, prior to postions being called 'vacated'. Either way the nominated person is asked if they accept or not.
PLEASE - there is NO need to feel pressured and help is at hand, to help you settle in to your new position for those willing to accept.
 Please read the letter below, for an insight from one of our current Committee members.

*NOTE- just to hand. 17-10-15
I have been informed that most of the vacating committee positions have received nominations and been accepted by those nominated. We still need you to consider for the remainder. At this time a list of the accepted ones is unavailable. signed Admin.

 Letter from Joanne;

I have been reflecting on the situation of the dedicated band of people who are on the current committee, and would like to send out this heartfelt plea for help.
We know that you all love the Gallery, what it stands for in the community, and how it has assisted many novice artists, to get ‘started’ in sharing their work with the public, and even making sales; opportunities which may previously have never entered their minds.
However, some of us on the Committee for the Gallery have been in their positions for many years now, and would welcome new members to take over.  Several of us are now close to 80 years old, and although we are generally coping with our tasks, sometimes the lack of computer competency makes it more difficult to achieve the desired results.              We feel that younger members with sharper memories, better eyesight, and more advanced computer skills would make the Gallery run even smoother than it does at present.
(The current members would be very happy to ‘coach’ anyone interested in a particular portfolio, and would then leave it for them to “make the job their own”.)
Even if you are unable to take on a position at the moment, please come along to the AGM, so that it is not just the usual ten committee members attending. There will be reports by the office bearers, as well as question time, and voting for the new committee, followed by supper.
The 10th Anniversary of the opening of our Gallery will be in February next year and we want to ensure that we will still be a viable and well-loved business by then.  So please, search your hearts and see if you are able to take on a role in the running of the Gallery, allowing those who have served so diligently, to retire happily. 

Message from BLOG admin (Dianne)

Thank you Joanne. Joanne has been publicity Officer in the past and has been the Roster Coodinator for several years, doing a fabulous job. 

Our Secretary has advised me that she is resigning this year, Colleen has spent the last 2 years streamlining the Policies with the President, compiling a 'Recipe Book' as part of the 10year celebrations and so so much more so that future Incoming committee members will have an easier time in their role. A HUGE thank Colleen.
The treasurer has had a very difficult year this year, managing her position with a very sick husband, while she herself having injured her arm making her task all the more difficult. We all wish both Ellen and her husband a much happier year next year and thank her for continuing despite all the setbacks. 
I would like to say that as an X committee member, there has always been support and willingness of people to help, or even take over temporarily whilst others are on holiday or unwell.
These are just a few of the committee, who have, and are doing a fabulous job of keeping our gallery going so well. It must be said that without all your help we would not have a gallery worthy of supporting the arts as we do, or be the excellent visitor stop over that we are today.

Below are the Roles and Positions of the Committee 

These may help you in your decision making to take on a position.,

Roles of the Committee

President: Oversees the general running of the gallery and ensures that the mission and policies of the gallery are being pursued. Chairs the monthly meeting.
Vice President/ Roster Coordinator: Stands in for the President when absent.

The Roster Coordinator: is responsible for the management of volunteers to man the gallery during opening hours from month to month. Needs computer skills and internet.

Treasurer: Manages all of the galleries financial needs including purchases, monthly meeting reports and ensuring our books are audited for the A.G.M. Responsible for paying out commissions to artists when work is sold in the gallery and shop.

Secretary: Handles the general administration of the gallery including management of the membership mailing list, compiling meeting agendas and recording minutes. Currently prepares necessary forms for member exhibitions and gallery run competitions. 

Publicity: Responsible for spreading the word about the gallery including what it has to offer artists as well as publicizing current and up-coming exhibitions. This is done through press releases, liaison with local newspaper journalists, radio interviews and more.

Programme Coordinator: Responsible for the Galleries Exhibition Programme (Calendar) including Room Hire and approaching potential exhibitors.

Shop Co-ordinator: Responsible for the management of the gallery’s shop including maintaining inventory, rotating members’ hanging items and liaison with artists.

Newsletter editor: Needs computer skills and internet. Currently produced 2 weeks prior to new exhibitions.
G.H.S. Exhibition:Co-ordinator for the Gawler Health Service. Exhibition which is changed four times a year on the first Thursdays of March, June, September and December at Artists to meet in the main foyer of the hospital.

Other Important Roles throughout the gallery which assist and enhance those of the committee

The Gallery’s Blog: is not considered a committee position, never the less an important one which needs computer skills.

Hanging Team: also not a committee position, but very valuable to the appearance of the gallerys exhibtion rooms.

Others:  stock-taking,  display,  cleaning,  catering,  flowers,  photocopying,  ensuring there is tea and coffee,  cleaning items.   Their help has been invaluable!

See you all again soon, Admin Dianne