Friday, October 16, 2015

10 Year Celebrations

Prepare for Celebration

Earlier in the year I mentioned that 'The Gawler Community Gallery' will celebrate it's 10th Year in 2016, of service to the community with beautifully displayed public exhibitions.
As more information comes to light we will inform you.

Celebration will be held on Sunday 7th February 2016

Message from Secretary Colleen; A sub-committee is being formed for the purpose of organizing the celebration. Judy Ferguson has kindly offered to lead the group. If any member who would like to be involved could you please contact a committee member for information.   All help is appreciated. 

You may not believe it, but it is true, that the Art/Recipe book is being proof-read at this moment and should be on the counter in the Gallery Shop within the next few weeks. It has been a long, difficult time getting members to feel willing to submit entries. You are all wonderfully talented people and should feel proud of your efforts.
In November, after the A.G.M. Renewal Invoice/Statements will be sent out to members, some by Email and others posted. Please submit the Membership Renewal Invoice when making payment ensuring that the information on the page is correct. If you receive it by Email and do not have the facilities to print it, please let the Secretary know and he/she will post one to you. Please do not use a Member’s Application form.
"I am sincerely notifying members that I will remain available to help a new secretary in 2016 but I will not be available 2017. I have done my best to ensure that the computer has all the necessary information for an incoming executive officer and I will stay on working for the Gallery in a lesser capacity as long as my health allows".

As you can see Colleen has been very busy indeed. However she has decided to retire her position as Secretary and opt for a somewhat more relaxing time with her family and the gallery.
We wish you well Colleen and thank you for all your efforts, also not forgetting your side kick Sylvia.
Sylvia has been assisting the secretary for the last 2 years with minutes and a LOT of proof reading among other things. Thank you Sylvia.

That's all for now, there will be more as it comes to hand
Admin Dianne

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