Monday, November 30, 2015

New Committee, A.G.M, Pre-Christmas

 Special Information

Cook Book - NOW AVAILABLE - only $15.00 

This is a colaboration of work by our Members, (Artists) of their 'Favourite Recipes' and Photographs of their wonderful 'Art Work' have been inserted into the page that their recipe is displayed on. 
This would make a wonderful gift for anyone for Christmas, Birthday or Other. There is a limited supply so please phone in with your order, and get into the gallery quickly so as not to miss out on your copy before Christmas. As time is limited now and there cannot be a second print run until the New Year.  (Apologies, pictures are currently unavailable, I was sent some but cannot use them.)

As a result of the recent A.G.M, the following are now our new committee.


President: Ron Brook,
Vice President/Roster: Joanne Hughes,
Secretary: Joanne Emery.
Treasurer: Ellen Steyn,
Program Co-ordinator: Thelma Kirkwood,
Publicity: Portia Stanton-Noble,
Shop-Cordinators: Gayl Baehnisch and Laura Wright, 

Office assistants: Jan Burns and Gordon Head.

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