Saturday, January 16, 2016

10th Anniversary Celebrations

A photo from the Bunyip when we first moved
into the Station Masters' House
The 7th of February will see us celebrating '10 years' as 'The Gawler Community Gallery' at the Gawler South Railway Station. We are in the 'Old Station Masters' House', on Twenty Third Street, Gawler South, South Australia.
How to find us.
Gawler, S.A.

We will have Music, a Stall, and Other activities on Sunday the 7th.
After the formalities of Speeches, we will be hosting an afternoon tea, so be sure to come on across, down or up, as the case may be, and help us celebrate this wonderful achievement.
Pop inside and see how the Gallery has changed over time. If you haven't been to see us for quite a while you will see several changes. We also have a photographic exhibition portraying our past, not to mention our new Recipe Book, direct from the Members with their favorite art work and recipe, available for only $15.00. in the gallery shop. This is a celebratory edition.

There will be many, many people to thank for their years of support and we thank them one and all, most sincerely, from everyone at the gallery, including our Committees, past and present, and our valued volunteers and members.

One of the previous Committees
Radio Interviews with
Judy and Marilyn

Judy Ferguson, is just one of many who were involved in getting a gallery into Gawler. Judy has along with several others, has participated in many a radio interview in the process of promoting the gallery and its exhibitions.

Following are Just a VERY small part of the gallerys' activities over the last 10 years:

The AMITY group has exhibited in our gallery
 for the last 10 years,
AMITY, is a group of 4 very diverse and talented artists (originally a group of 6), who have Exhibited at 'The Gawler Community Gallery' for the last 10 years. The same artists have been involved all this time, and we thank them for choosing to use our Exhibition rooms.
Shown here with M.P. Tony Picollo who has opened 3 of their exhibitions over the years, along with such notables as, Mayor Mr Brian Sambell, Counselor Mr Martin Tinsdale, Mr John Ford FSMA, noted Marine Artist, Mr Gerhard Ritter, noted Watercolor artist.


We have a beautiful Gallery Shop, in which you can purchase a vast variety of art items that our members display on consignment. These are changed over regularly to provide new interest and give all members a chance to participate.

Sandstone carving

Art by much loved Member
Phil Bolding

Sad Losses: As the years have come and gone, we have also experienced some very sad losses among our Art Community.
One who stands out in particular is Mr Phil Bolding, who was with the gallery from its inception and spent valuable time on the committee. He, as well as others were sought out for their friendship and support, we sadly miss them all and acknowledge their participation.

Ongoing exhibition at
The Gawler Health Service

During the years the gallery's members have been participating in an ongoing exhibition located in the halls of the local Hospital - through the 'Gawler Health Service'. We have had a lot of positive comments with the art helping to brighten the days for both patients and visitors alike, and many an artist has enjoyed the benefit of a sale, we thank those involved for looking after our commitment there and the staff at the Hospital for their patience on change over day.

Travelling Exhibitions

We have had a VERY diverse range of exhibitions in our gallery rooms during the last 10 years. 
Here are a few more reminders of things gone by.

We have had everything from Travelling exhibitions to:- Ceramics, Textiles, Dolls, Pottery and Jewellery, along with the usual, Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Photography and much more.

The ‘Gawler Art Society’ exhibit annually with us, and ‘The Gawler Art Award’ open exhibition is held every two years within our hallowed walls.

We host many ‘open exhibitions’ as well as our regular ‘member’s exhibitions, and every year our Calendar of events gets busier and busier. We are already taking bookings for 2017.

Here is Mayor Sambell, presenting the prize to one of the winners, of an exhibition, during an Opening ceremony.
Mayor Sambell with Walter Gray Artist.

We have been involved with the
Art Trails since they started

In recent years the gallery has taken part in the "Art Trails' around the Gawler area, we have regularly been involved the annual SALA Festival, with many of our artists hosting exhibitions throughout this busy time.

The latest expansion to our timetable of events is 'The Unframed Youth' exhibition, now in it's 2nd year and opening in a few short weeks, the aim of this project has been to encourage the youth of today to maintain their interest in the arts as they grow up.
Inaugural Youth Exhibitors 2014
There is so much talent out there, and what better way of offering support than with a superior, safe, family venue, with very reasonable pricing. The children are encouraged to put a price on their work, and there are prizes and encouragement certificates too.
Here are the winners of last years event. As you can see they had a great time and were very pleased with their efforts.
Some of these children have since joined the gallery as new members, and we welcome them with open arms.


This may be my last Blog, and I thank you for your patience over the lst 3 years. I have enjoyed it very much indeed, however things come up, and I am unable to spent as much time as I feel is need to  maintain a great site, so I am passing on the majoruty of the work to another.

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