G.C.G. Committee

Committee Meetings...

Meetings are held at the gallery: on the first Friday of every month from 10am.

Gallery members are not required to attend monthly committee meetings, however, if you have an issue to discuss, contact the Secretary at least two days before so it can be added to the agenda.
If you would like to sit in on a meeting to see how your Gallery is run you are more than welcome.

Become a Committee Member...
No experience required. Whilst any management experience you have will obviously help it’s not a requirement for being a member of the gallery committee.

All you need is the desire to help shape the future of the gallery in a more direct role. Everything else can be learnt. Previous committee members are very happy to help.

Committee positions are usually elected by vote at the gallery AGM held in November.
From time to time extra positions are created to assist with the work load.
Your Gallery Committee:

consists of  six member volunteers, voted in by the membership, at our A.G.M held each November. There are also several subsidiary member roles.

Each Committee member is responsible for different aspects of managing the gallery within their roles. Details are listed below.

If you have any enquiries about the Gallery contact the appropriate committee member. If you are unsure who to contact try either the President or Secretary. They will be able to direct, or help you.

2018 Committee:

President: Joanne Hughes 
Chairs the monthly committee meeting. Oversees the general running of the gallery and ensures that the mission and policies of the gallery are being pursued.
Phone: N/A

Vice President 
The Vice President stands in for the President when necessary.
The Roster manager coordinates volunteers to attend the gallery.

Handles the general administration of the gallery, including management of our membership, the mailing list and general meeting duties.

Treasurer: Carol Fraser
Manages the gallery financial needs including, purchases, monthly financial reports and ensuring our books are audited for the AGM. She is also responsible for paying artists when their work is sold in the gallery or Shop. (Note that payments are usually made within four weeks of making a sale).
Email: cdfraser46@gmail.com
Phone: 0419820597

Program Co-ordinator: Carol Fraser
Manages the gallery exhibition program calendar, including room hire and potential exhibitors.
Email:  cdfraser46@gmail.com

Shop Co-Ordinator: Lee Eiffe
is responsible for the management of the gallery shop, covering Stock Take, correct labelling, rotating stock and liaison with artists. Members wishing to sell work through the gallery shop should contact the Shop Co-ordinator for further information.

Email: mseiffe@hotmail.com
Phone: 828711199

Hanging Team Co-ordinator 

Publicity Officer: 
is responsible for publicising any current and up coming exhibitions and  events at the gallery, including what we have to offer artists. This is done through local press and liaison with local newspaper journalists, radio interviews and more.

GHS Exhibition Co-ordinator: Lorraine Winchester
manages the rotating and hanging of Art in the  corridors of the George Duldig Ward and the Frank Forgie Ward at the Gawler Health Service (Hospital).  This is changed over every 3 months.
Email: N/A
Phone: winchester.phillip@bigpond.com

Office Assistant: Gordon Head

Email: g.khead@bigpond.com

Website News Updates: Gordon Head and Thelma Kirkwood.
Keeping you up to date with all the latest news via the gallery website/Blog.
Link to: Gallery Blog.
Email  atkirk@bigpond.com g.khead@bigpond.com

Facebook: Thelma Kirkwood
manages this page for us, with information about current & forthcoming exhibitions.  If you have anything to add, contact her to see if she can include it for you. Our Facebook Title is: The Gawler Community Gallery Inc. The link is on our HOME page here.
Email: atkirk@bigpond.com
Face Book: Gawler Community Gallery Inc

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